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Do your cats like air conditioning?

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We have a 2 level townhouse, and there is only air conditioning downstairs, and since our townhouse gets full morning and afternoon sun, upstairs is like a sauna!

I've been downstairs in the AC all afternoon where it's about 20c/68f, and just came upstairs and both Lily AND Stumpy were sprawled out on the cat tree, where according to our thermometer it's 34c/93f!

Weirdo kitties... do yours prefer the AC or the heat?
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Seems my baby prefers the heat than the AC. She was a stray, therefore she's used to the FL heat, I guess. When room gets nicely ACd, she'd start meowing as if complaining to me to turn it off
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Weird!! Although sometimes the cats sprawl out downstairs until I turn the AC on, then they run around like mad idiots since it's much more pleasant, then as soon as I turn it off, they flop back over and don't move again.
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Mine will lay under the AC... they like it blowing on them
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Mario and Sophia lay near the vents and it blows their hair
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i'd say the heat... right now, Pixel is snoozing on the body heat reflective mat next to me - Cable is on me. the other night, i went into the kitchen [hottest room in the house!] & 3 of them were lying around in there. it was much cooler in the den, where i was, because the ceiling fan was on [i run the house at about 80 in the summer - it's fine as long as i'm not working & the fan is on].
you'd think w/those fur coats they'd want it cooler, wouldn't you?
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I rarely use the air conditioning, the cats prefer to lay in the sun in the doorway even in our very hot summers.

If I do shut the door and put on the a/c they move to another room.

Since it's winter here, I had the a/c on heat last night and they all climbed onto the bookcase to be nearer the heat.
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My girls seem to like sleeping on the cool marble floor, but then I will find them all sprawled out, looking hot, in the hottest room in the house.
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Heat... I think it's the a/c noise that bothers most cats.
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
I think it's the a/c noise that bothers most cats.
It's not the noise with my cats, my a/c is reverse cycle and they enjoy when it's on heat.

Mine don't care about noises at all, like vaccuums, thunder storms etc.

They just like to be as warm as they can it seems. Right now they are all on their heated pet bed, in line with the heater
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Punkin likes the air conditioning. Long hair and all that.

But I do believe Sterling would just as soon be without. He lies in the sun spots on the carpet even on the hottest days.

We keep the house around 75 degrees.
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Topaz moved into the living room when I turned that window unit on.

We used to have A/C for the bedrooms and bathroom. Some of our cats would lay at the bottom of the hall door for the cool air.
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Hmmm Im not sure. Mine do like laying in the sunbeams but the A/C is on all around them. Its like winter time right now for my cats though as cold as I have the A/C on.
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My bobcats would love the AC, because they do not like the hot weather. My other cats, I don't think they would care either way. A few days ago when it was about 90f, Aurora was lying in the window in the full hot afternoon sun. My bobcats were in our bedroom with the fan blowing on them trying to stay cool. We do not have AC.
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My cat Kody does not like the noise of the air conditioner and will not stay in the room with it on.
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If I don't have the AC on, Oliver will hang out in the bathroom, which is the coolest place in the apartment. If I do have it on, he doesn't mind it.

Rocky doesn't really seem to care one way or the other.
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I often find linus in front of the AC
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We haven't turned the AC on at all yet this year. I think Nabu likes it a lot better. He likes to cook himself in the sun until you'd think he was just going to melt away. In fact he thinks anything under 70* is just too darn cold anyway. The last several years we had the AC on in mid May because of heat/humidity and a 3rd floor apartment. This year, we live in a better location and it's been cooler. So we've been using fans and open windows instead. I'm hoping to not have to use the AC much at all this year. This townhouse is a nightmare to heat/cool (leaky windows/doors).
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