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My cat is thowing up!

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I have a four year old female cat named Gracie (some of you may be familiar with her from "Gracie the cutie and Noelle the raving beauty" post).
She is throwing up her food recently. It's not hairballs, just food throw-up.
She has done it on her chair where she sleeps and more recently under the computer desk.
I feed her about a table spoon of dry kibble mixed with a chunk of wet food once in the morning and again at night.
She doesn't scarf down her food. On the contrary, she's a very delicate eater.
And actually, she's hardly ever had this problem previously. It's really new, and that's why I'm a little concerned about it... however, she has absolutely no other side-effects...
Oh, also, she is strictly an indoor cat. She never goes outside unless I carry her, and even then she never "sets foot" outside.
Do you guys have any ideas of what this could be?
Thanks in advance!
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has the food been digested? or is it still obviously food?
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Have there been any changes in what you've been feeding?
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That's an excellent question if there's been any change in diet. We have to do this very gradually or it can upset our kitties' tummies.

Vomiting can be a symptom of an underlying medical problem. Since this is a new issue, it's very important that Gracie have a thorough medical exam to rule out any possible health issues.

Once Gracie has had the ok from her Vet...I wonder if your kitty is eating her food very quickly? Sometimes is they wolf down their food, it will come right up. My Angel boy, Caleb used to do this! A helpful solution for this is to elevate the dish and to serve her meal on a plate instead of a bowl and spread the food out on the dish so she doesn't eat it so quickly.

Hope Gracie's tummy is feeling better very soon!
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Thanks for all your replies!
Actually, there has been no change of diet. She's been eating the same thing breakfast and dinner for about 7 months.
And, the food is digested...
Oh, and now her kitty "sister", a Maine Coon Mix (I'm guessing) 7 3/4 year old cat named Noelle (the raving beauty ) is throwing up too! She had had diarrhea earlier, but we figured that it was something - like a pine needle - that she had eaten while she was exploring outside. But just this morning she's thrown up too.
Is it possible that Summer alergies could be causing it?
Thanks again!
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if they're both doing it, now, i'd suspect some sort of illness... you really need to take them to a vet.
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Well I thank you for your help and concern... but is there any way to cure this at home? (i.e. preventive/curing paste or cookies)
The reason I ask this is because it wouldn't be the best thing to take Noelle in the car... we moved recently, and carrying her in her case caused her to throw up on herself, foam at the mouth and frankly, go practically nuts.
Plus is the issue of getting her in the case in the first place. She will scratch, hiss, claw, bite... spread her legs out in all different directions...
I just think that car-rides are EXTREMELY stressful to her, and I don't want to cause her that sort of a feline "emotional breakdown".
So, is there something I could be feeding them (like the paste, or medicinal grass-type stuff)?
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the only problem with that idea is you don't know WHY they're throwing up.
if it's hairballs, that's one treatment. if it's liver failure, that would be completely different. if it's 'cause they're eating too quickly, that's still another treatment/remedy. if there's some sort of infection, you'll need antibiotics...
i understand that the car ride/carrier is traumatic. but we have to do what's best for them, not just what they want us to.
to most of us here on the site, our cats are like our children. i wouldn't not take my child to the doctor just because s/he found it traumatic. i would do what was [IMO] best for him/her.
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May be worms. May be poisoning. May be that they ate something they wernt supposed too (string, glue, plastic...) Could be ANYTHING. Vomiting is a common sign for hundreds of illnessesm (poisoning, allergies, hairballs, constipation, heat stroke, worms, bacterial diseases, panleukopenia, leukemia, gastritis,ect-to name a few), the only way to find out what it is & how to fix it is to go to the vet.

Some tips for getting her into the carrier-start feeding her in it (leave it open), put her fav toys in it, always praise her for going in it. Take it slow, talk very softly to her-make her think that it's HER idea to go in there, put catnip in it! Take it out on days that she isn't even going anywhere, to let her understand that it doesn't always mean car ride. Keep putting her in it (leaving it open) and letting her get out, over and over until she is OK with the idea and calms down. She will learn that it's just another object and that it doesn't always mean a cat trip-that it means FUN, TOYS, and FOOOD! Take her 4 fav things ever and associate those with her being in the carrier. If she is really really freaked out about it, just start out by feeding her next to it.

Good luck!
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It's very important that your kitties have a thorough exam by their Vet.
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Originally Posted by DawnofSierra View Post
It's very important that your kitties have a thorough exam by their Vet.
the other option is a vet coming and making a home visit .. but I would suggest looking into rescue remedy
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Thanks VERY much for all your help, guys!
However I think it was just a passing alergy or something. Whatever it is, it's gone now. The kitties haven't thrown up since then, have been eating, acting and pooping just fine.
Thanks again!
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