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Let everyone know about me =]

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Well I've been posting on here about my cats but never really about myself So here it goes.
My name's Johna (John-uh), I'm 18 yrs old.
I was born and raised in Tennessee, yet no one can tell where I'm from with my accent I've been around cats, and every other animal possible since I was born, my mom's cats even layed in my crib (I know, it seems reallyyy safe for a newborn baby).
I'm in college to be a major in Archeology and a minor in ancient history. I loveee to travel and be around any animal.
I currently have 6 permanent kitties, and 5 foster kittens. Zooie is 6 yrs old and we bottled him from day 1. Mama Kitty is 3 yrs old and the parent of Trinity, Buba, & Baru who are all 2 yrs old. And then I have my shelter rescue Natty who was brought into the family prego. She lost her 1 baby Monday and is now the mommy to the 5 fosters, Indy, Harrison, Boots, Onyx, & Raven Jr (named for my kitten that didn't live)

Well there's just a bit about me
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Welcome Johna and the whole crew
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Nice to meet you Johna.
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And the same to you two
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Welcome Johna!
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Hi Johna. Welcome!
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Nice to meet you Johna!

Your post about Natty brought tears of sadness to my eyes when she lost her baby. Then I read about you bringing home little shelter kittens that needed a mama, I got tears in my eyes but this time it was happy tears. Bless your heart for saving those kittens and letting Natty be a mom!
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hello johna you didn't mention if you were male or female (or maybe I missed it or i'm having a dumb moment) which i'm prone to doing

I hope you have a wonderful time at TCS
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Oooo sorry, I am a female I forget that my name doesn't always give it away.

thanks so much abbycats! Having the babies made up so much sadness that I had over my lost little one!
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Hi there! Glad that you have joined our community
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nice to meet you! I'm sorry to hear of your lost little baby I hope mum is doing alright and ofcourse I hope you're doing alright with the loss
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Wow, what an interesting major/minor, cool!!
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Hi and welcome! Archeology and ancient history...that must be fascinating! I can see why you have a cat named Indy! Looking forward to getting to know you and your crew.
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Haha yes Indy is named for the most famous fictional Archaeologist Indiana Jones! And Harrison is for Harrison Ford

It was veryy hard to get into my major, I had to write a 10 page report on a subject, I picked the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. And I actually got accepted, they only take 50 a year, and out of 256 applicants, I got lucky

And yes, it was veryyyyy heartbreaking for the loss of my kitten but at least I am saving 5 lives from a horrible life as a stray baby.
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that is very true i'm glad to hear you love your babies and glad you're their mum
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I'm about to post new pictures of them in the photo area!!
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