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UK Posters: Toothfairy rates!

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Hi Everyone,

My 7 yearo old stepson just lost his third tooth and in the past we have sent them home with him for mom to be on toothfairy duties because they were his first 2 teeth to fall out but we are tired of loosing out on these special moments just because she's a bully and wants to take all of these moments for herself... so we are going AGAINST her wishes tonight and taking on the toothfairy duties ourselves!

so the question is...

what is is the going rate for the toothfairy these days?
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You could ask him how much the tooth fairy gave him last time. Then you could give him either the same or more.
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I don't know how much...probably between $1.00 and $5.00 here in Canada. But I think you should base it on what you feel is right and how you raise your child with your monetary values.

Take a look at this thread for a good idea about including a picture and a note.
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Letter from the toothfairy!

Dear Harry,

Wow, what a tooth! I could not believe my eyes when I
say it. You have done such a wonderful job taking care of
your teeth. I think that it was the whitest and brightest tooth I
picked up all week and it will surely be the best in my collection. I was so excited to come and pick it up. Keep up the terrific work.

Not all boys get a letter from me, but someone close to you, and I think you know who I mean, said that you might really enjoy a note from the real tooth fairy.

In appreciation of you leaving me such a beautiful tooth I have left you a special something too. I hope you have a fairy nice day today and I will be back soon. Until then have a magical time….

Your secret friend,
The Tooth Fairy
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In the US I have heard $1 to $5, also.

I always got 10 cents per tooth. This was in the days of the wooly mammoth, though.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
In the US I have heard $1 to $5, also.

I always got 10 cents per tooth. This was in the days of the wooly mammoth, though.

I used to get either 10 cents for little teeth and 25 cents for bigger ones. But one time I remember getting a whole dollar coin! I asked my Dad years later about that and learned that the "toothfairy"didn't have any change! A dollar back in the 1960's was a fortune!!
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when I lost my tooth it was $1 and i was happy with that!
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You`ve reminded me of the SouthPark episode where Eric is dressed up as the tooth fairy and dandling outside a window

I used to get 10p a tooth. Enough to buy some more sweeties in them days
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I got £1for front teeth an £3 for back ones so if its inbetween i guess its £2
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ugh the real mothers really can be bullys huh? I say give him a lot, more than what she would give him. But i think im biased by being in a similar situation.
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I used to get about $1-2.50/tooth from the "toothfairy".

It could have gone up since then, that was probably 12+ years ago!
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I paid £5.00 a year ago for one of my daughters teeth, I had no clue how much the going rate was
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I used to get anything from 10p-£1.00, depending on which tooth it was that fell out. I had my back ones removed by local anaesthetic at the dentists at a young age (think I was seven), so didn't get anything from that lot except a very sore mouth! Oh, maybe a small tub of ice cream on the way home....
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Per tooth: a toonie which is a $2 Canadian coin (a loonie seemed kind of cheap) plus a very small ($2) gift. I don't know quite how the gift tradition started, our daughter somehow had it in her head that she would get a small gift and I guess the tooth fairy came through. The gift was always something useful like new markers or an applique.
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