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I have a idea! Why don't we have a catsite member of the month?We could start in May,with the voteing the last week of the month of April.What do you think?
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Sounds good to me
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Sounds good to me! But I have a feeling it will be the same few people with the same amount of votes per month... hmmm is anne in the race? Cause she'll probably win every time, hahahah.
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Well I don't really think I like this...not that it isn't a good idea, but we started 'employee' of the month thing at work many many months back...and I have yet to win it...nor will I ever...kinda makes me feel bad since I've worked at this stupid place for 14 years....so why add the same hard feelings to members here?

But it is a good idea...it's just that I can see it causing hurt feelings.
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Debb, I guess just for that you will simply HAVE to be our first "member of the Month" at the cat site!!!

You got my vote
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I agree with Debby... it could inadvertantley (sp?) hurt people
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It is appreciated that you keep coming up with these ideas, but for right now I have to agree with Debby- this could potentially hurt some people's feelings and this is a community of a lot of different mixes of people all of who respect each other and picking one over the other would be difficult to do.
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Since this is a 'site idea' I'm going to move it to feedback.

I also don't like the idea simply because it could cause feelings to be hurt. But it was a good thought, Sherral.
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