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Delivery Notice?

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Last night I was going through a pile of paper that included some flyers that were in my mail box. Caught inside one of the flyers was a delivery notice from Canada Post saying that they had attemped to deliver a parcel to me on the 10th. Which I find hard to believe because I was home that day.

I called the post office today to ask if it was still there and who it was from because I wasn't expecting anything. The girl said that she remembers seeing something there for me and went and looked. She came back and looked in the computer system and told me that it had been delivered successfully!

I told her that if had been delivered successfully I wouldn't be calling, and that I wasn't expecting anything so I don't even know who to contact to let them know I didn't get whatever it was that was sent.

So she's going to look through all of the parcels there and call me back. She said if there isn't anything there, then I shouldn't worry about it.

Not worry about it?! How can I not? I'm told there is a parcel for me to pick up, the girl remembers something there for me, but now suddenly it says "delivered successfully"? How odd is that? Of course I'm going to worry about it. I just hope that whomever sent it doesn't think me rude for not acknowledging it.
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I hate when they deliver stuff. They always just stick the notice on the door that is near our garage not our front door and say they tried to deliver something. Then I have to wait for like 2-3 days for them to bring it back to the post office.
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My mailman just leaves any packages between the doors if small enough or right my the door-sometimes I can catch he and let him know I'm expecting a package too.
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Hey, at least your mailman puts it by the door! Mine opens the box door and sets it on the opened door with a rubber band so it doesn't fall off! God forbid if he should get out of his truck once in awhile to do what he is supposed to do! And yes, I've called about it...
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One of my mailmen is a moron. One of them looks like Snoop Dog, and he is on it. There are 3 addresses in town that have the same number on a different street, and he is always bringing me their mail. I wonder if someone else is getting mine. I know I have at least a few missed bills.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
My mailman just leaves any packages between the doors if small enough or right my the door-sometimes I can catch he and let him know I'm expecting a package too.
I live in an apartment building and there is no outter door to put things between. If it doesn't fit in my apartment size mailbox, it gets sent to the post office where I either have to go pick it up or arrange for redelivery.

But the point being is that I was home on the day they claim to have attempted delivery, AND the fact that I have a delivery notice advising me of a parcel to be picked up but they claim the parcel was already delivered to me, which it hasn't been. The other point being is that they told me not to worry about it.
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Well that's pretty annoying. Were you expecting anything? Of course, you wouldn't know if it was a surprise from someone.

There's a free newspaper here that gets delivered twice a week, it's long and is folded three times and the mail always gets pushed into the newspaper! We don't always read the Victoria News (or "Victoria Snooze") but we learned to check before chucking it into the recycling.

I hope you solve the mystery of your package.
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We used to have delivery people put a huge box ... under our welcome mat Like THAT is really going to hide it from a passer-by!

Now they put it outside our bedroom door or on the back porch, since our house is away from the road and you'd be unable to see it on the back porch unless you walked up around the house.

I hope you solve the mystery behind this enigmatic package!
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