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Back into the fostering business

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This morning at around 8:30, we received a call from the animal shelter explaining they had 2 2-3 week old kittens that came in sometime late last night. The mom was feral, so it's a bit of a risk taking them in with other animals, but they'll be seperated. Anyway, as the mom can't stay with us, we have to bottlefeed them. I'm vaguely clueless about bottlefeeding- I'm leaving in 2 hours to pick them up, and then I'll post pictures. Any last minute additions to raising kittens?
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I've never fostered or bottlefed kitties, but God bless you for doing it for these little angels........can't wait to see pics!
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Well, we got em! One's black and white, longhair. The other's black with a tiny little chest patch of white, probably shorthair. The black and white is smaller, but not really SKINNY. She seems a bit shaky when first waking up, but she's fine after she nurses. So we've given her a dab of karo syrup to see if that helps. The black one will suckle happily, and so far has probably gotten at least an ounce of milk in the last 5 hours. The other one doesn't drink alot, but she does kind of. They've improved greatly since i changed nipples. (the first nipple was long and let too much out) They've also both peed twice or three times, no poops yet. Wish me luck!
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OH how I envy you.......they sound adorable......don't forget the pics!
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The skinny one weighs 5 ounces and the normal one weighs 7. I guess the skinny one needs to put on the pounds.
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This is a very useful site for raising orphaned kittens.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
This is a very useful site for raising orphaned kittens.
& here's a good article: hand rearing kittens
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thanks! I'd seen that kitten rescue site a while ago but forgot the url. pics:
Whale, the big one:
The reason for his name... first, he's kind of big and bulky like a whale, and second, he WAILS when he wants to.

Piper, the smaller one:

Bonus pic:

Whale had his first - erm -'BM' while we were gone and so when we came back Piper had it on her paws and Whale had it, well, all over his BUTT! Good thing is it was good consistency, maybe a little bit yellow, but i'm no expert. We have them cleaned up and snuggly. Does this mean they'd be older, since they can pee and poo themselves? I was kinda wondering why their bottoms were always soggy... but anyway... We'd only been gone 3 hours, and fed them right before we left. when we came home and fed them straight away pip was STARVED to death! She sucked like crazy when usually she's not interested. I felt bad for her.

PS: I don't know the genders for sure. They both LOOK like males, but I'd like to think Piper was a female.
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Also.. they refuse to nurse on their tummies. I'm not tilting them back, but I keep them propped against my chest and tilt the bottle up. Do they have to be on their tummies?
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