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Snoopy is Gone

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SNOOPY JUNE 1999-APRIL 3 2003 Died Peacefully at Beattie Animal Hospital this morning at 9:45 in her 4th year.

I just got back from the vet, I made the agonizing decision at 8 am when my attempt at feeding her failed and she fell off the table and hit her head. I feel like sh**t

I spent about 15 min with Snoopy before the vet came in and I walked out, I just could not find the courage and stand there and let her be killed. It'll forever be etched in my memory Snoopy looking at me as I walked out the door. Waited in the lobby, cuz I wanted to go back in when it was done.... bawled my eyes out, my eyes are kinda bloodshot at the moment.

Took a couple of final pictures of her on the couch this morning and I kept a lock of her hair.

They said they will hold Snoopy for 10 days while I consider my options, I said I am sorry I am just in no frame of mind to make a rational decision.

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I'm so sorry and believe I know exactly how you feel. I'm crying here reading your post.

I had to make that heart breaking decision myself back in November. You will never feel like you did the right thing and believe it was wise of you to walk out, that's what I did.

I promise though, it does get easier in time. I still miss my CRF baby which I lost in November, but in time you will feel better. I ended up adopting a little kitten a few months ago and believe he certainly helps me with the pain. He shows me so much love and all I can do is feel blessed that I have another chance.

Hang in there and everyone on this board is here to help. Let us know if you need anything.
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I know how you feel, and although you feel so rotten, you performed a good and noble act of love towards Snoopy, the ultimate sacrifice for her. The warning signs were out there for a condition Snoopy could not recover from. It happens and we have to make that tough decision, and are left with reeling in the pain of the loss.

It does get easier, and that last look Snoop was giving you was nothing more than goodbye and thank you for loving her so, for she knew what this act of love cost you, animals always know.

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Cabbie, I'm so sorry! There is a spot in your heart that will always belong to Snoopy, so she will always be with you. I'm so sorry her time here on earth was so short, but I know she is now surrounded by love. How much God loves his little creatures! I hope time eases the pain you're feeling. My heart is with you. God bless.
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I am so sorry,it is always a hard thing to do,I know, just remember all the love you gave her and the love she gave you!
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I am so sorry about the loss of Snoopy. I have had to make that decision myself, and I know what you are going through. I do strongly feel that when an animal is suffering, and any possible hope of recovery has been lost, the decision to put that animal to sleep is the greatest act of kindness that can ever be given. Again, I am so sorry about Snoopy.
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I am so sorry of your loss of Snoopy..Please don't feel bad about it..I was for the best....((((HUGS)))) just know she isn't suffering anymore...remember time heals all wounds so in time you will find it in your heart that you did the right thing for her...
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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about poor Snoopy, my heart breaks for you You did the right thing......now Snoopy is at the Rainbow Bridge free of pain and looking over you.{{{hugs}}}
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Thanks everyone, the last few nights have been incredibly difficult, I cried so hard Thursday that I strained a stomach muscle or something to the point where I had to quit driving yesterday, the pain was just unbelievable.

Oreo and Radar are here, but there is still a void here, I miss that big goof Snoopy. Went to a friend's place lastnight, his cat is actually the mother of Snoopy kinda set me back for a min, cuz I could definetly see Snoopy in her mother's face if that makes any sense. I guess he wanted to give me one of Snoopy's many siblings but I held off, I can't afford Snoopy's cremation and the ensuing cost of fixing another cat in a short period of time.

Well here is Snoopy in her favourite perch:

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I can see why you loved Snoopy so much. Our pets have such endearing habits. I know you are going through a lot of pain right now, and it will take time, but it will ease. Somehow we get used to absorbing it. But Snoopy will always be with you. A kitten would absorb your time and help you right now, but you should do what's best in your own mind. Snoopy can never be replaced, of course; she was unique, but someday another very special cat and you will find each other. I hope your pain eases soon.
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