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Saturday!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Gorgeous Day here, sunny and not to hot, Yet

Heading off to work shortly, should be done by 4.

Lots of activities going on this weekend. There is a street fair down by the waterfront. A Century celebration for the local CPR station, and a classic roadster show at community center. I think I will take a walk down to the waterfront after work and check that one out..

The kitties are good this morning, all sitting in the window watching the geese down on the river..There are 5 adults and 14 little ones..very cute.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning!
I'm just going to play lazy today! I have a copy of the newest Lee Childs book, "Nothing To Lose." I'll probably spend most of the day out on the sun porch reading it. I have a friend who is in the process of driving up from North Carolina for the week, but I probably shouldn't see her until I'm no longer contagious from my conjunctivitis...I'm guessing Monday or Tuesday. I guess I better call her sister, and let her know what's up with my eyes (she's a nurse, she'll understand!) Sheesh...

It's supposed to be a gorgeous day today, sunny and 80 in the morning, with thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening.

Have a great day everyone! The coffee is ready, and the book is calling me....
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Not sure what me and Tom are up to. I am still up at my cottage with a beautiful lake about 100 feet in front of me so I might have to go enjoy that today. Tom has never seen a fish and I might fix that problem(according to my neighbor big crappie have been biting right off my dock). Its to windy to go out on the boat but fishing is a definite possiblility. Other than that I have calculus homework that I need to get done because its due at 8 AM Monday morning.

Its supposed to be about 77 with 20 mph winds today so another beautiful day. Thunderstorms tonight but only isolated and it seems like everything has been going to the north so I'm not really worried about it.

Tom is meowing at me because he wants to go out on the porch but other than that he is doing fine. He is one walking dust ball from being out on that dusty porch but he doesn't seem to care so I am pretty much ignoring it. I might get some pictures if him sunning himself out their later today and if I catch anything I will definatly get pictures of him playing with it as long as its not dangerous to him. We have pike here...though I've never caught one in the 14 years I've been coming up here. Well now he is insisting that I get up and let him out so I have to go.

Have a good day everyone.
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Well, it's only 8:30 and already 94 degrees here. Got up very early and went to Star Nursery for a couple new sprinkler heads and garden hose that finally split after 8 years. Stopped at WalMart, got some groceries and was home by 8 am. It's supposed to go up to 111 today, so I will be house-bound for the rest of the day. Good time to catch up on all my TiVo'd programs from the week, I guess.

Wish it was me sitting in front of the lake, or reading on a sun porch
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Afternoon. Rainy here but I'm not complaining! . What am I doing today? Not much except probably reading and maybe taking a nap. Same goes for tomorrow. My sister is busy both today and tomorrow which leaves Mom and me stuck at home. Oh well, gotta get those Library books read!
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Its 21c right now and we are supposed to get rain and maybe thunderstorms later. I am working 2-8:30 today. I really don't feel like going to work today, but I guess I don't have much of a choice.
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I was going to do the Relay for Life today but its already over 100 already and I get severe Migraines in the heat. I was going to help out. I wrote her but she has not wrote back.
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Well I washed, hung out and already picked up three loads of laundry. But I finished weeding the big shrub bed last night, Neil edged it (with shovel) and we spread what mulch was left in the trailer (not enough). Considering that bed is about 50-60 ft long on one side about 35 feet long on the short side and around 15 ft wide-its quite the task. Weeded under some trees which Neil edged too. And hoed a bit in veg garden so know its break time.

Just wolfed down a hugh piece of tiramisu-can't believe I ate the entire thing. Going to watch a dvd then more yard work later and hopefully grill over the firepit if the wind dies down.

Grizzly on the bed the others napping outside!!
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I have a cold.
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It's yucky hot here, so I'm staying indoors with the AC on! I'm just study studying - I have my last end of semester exam on Monday, then get 4 weeks off - yay!

We're going to San Francisco tonight for a friends housewarming party, staying with a different friend for the night and having brunch with them tomorrow, then will come back home to do more study!
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Not too much going on here today. This morning i brushed all of the furbabies and groomed them.

After that we grilled out some lunch for just the two of us and then watched "Hell Boy" before DH had to leave for work. Now i'm just doing things around the house and relaxing a little bit. Not sure what i'm doing tonight yet.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
We're going to San Francisco tonight for a friends housewarming party, staying with a different friend for the night and having brunch with them tomorrow, then will come back home to do more study!
Sigh... our friends that we were supposed to be staying with have been out all afternoon, and have no idea what time they're going to be home tonight - it may not be until REALLY late. We were only going to spend a short amount of time at our friends housewarming so we could spend time with our other friends - I think they forgot we were coming though

So we may end up just driving home after the party...
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ONG!!!! That was a GOOD book!!! Ten hours.....getting slow in my old age, lol! (My parents came to visit, but had to leave fairly quickly cuz I'm probably still contagious!)
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Got a serious amount of garden/yard stuff done!! Watched "The Other Boylen Girl" and then had to research the lineage of henry VIII. Plus a 10 minute hail/T-storm.
Relaxed with a couple or so strawberry margaritas and a good ornamental grass book!!
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