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A Little Bit Bored

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So I thought I would tell Murfie's unlucky story:

Poor Murfie has been a touch unlucky in her short life thus far!
She is only 10 months old, and while things could be worse, she's had a rough trot!
The first incident came when she went to stay at my friend's house for the day as I had a house inspection and didnt want her to get out but some clutsy real estate person. She was put in their laundry with only her cage and litter tray until my friends OH was out of bed as we were off to work. A few minutes after we arrived at work I received a text from him that he had gone in to see her and there was blood EVERYWHERE!!Naturally I told the boss there was an emergency and I had to leave and rushed the 40mins back to their place. She had somehow managed to get her ear caught on something and almost tore the tip clean off. By the time I got back the blood had stopped but I still raced her to the vet where they put her on antibiotics.
The next incident was a food allergy to fish which caused a nasty rash on her neck, followed by an even nastier infection and lots of $$$$$
Hopefully that's the end of her bad run, although I did name her after Murphy's Law...anything that can go wrong will!

Everyone kepp their fingers (and paws) crossed my baby keeps herself safe from now on!
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Hope that's the last of it!
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You know what they say bad things always happen in groups of 3 so hopefully she will be ok for now on
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Poor Murfie! She has had a rough start. Hopefully that'll be the end of it though.
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