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Join me in welcoming Marilyn!

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I am excited and honored to have with us Marilyn Kreiger as a resident expert for 23-30 June 2008!

This forum will be dedicated to litterbox questions so please, let's stick to the topic - thank you!

Please join me and post your welcome message to Marilyn in this thread, then feel free to start posting threads with questions for Marilyn.

Marilyn Krieger's Bio -

Marilyn Krieger, a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant *, owner of The Cat Coach, LLCSM has been counseling national and international clients on cat behavior issues since 1990. Offering both on-site and phone consultation sessions for all breeds of cats, Marilyn’s expert advice solves diverse cat behavior problems. Additionally, Marilyn offers seminars and cat behavior classes.
Marilyn and The Cat Coach, LLCsm have received attention in such prominent media outlets as USA Today, Cat Fancy Magazine, MSNBC, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Newsday and The Oakland Tribune. She frequently guests on television and radio programs, including KGO Radio, providing valuable tips and insight on how to improve cat behavior.

She is the cat behaviorist for, the Cat Fancy web site, answering readers questions on a weekly basis. Marilyn also has written for Cat Fancy Magazine, Catnip, the Tufts University journal, Animal Behavior Consulting: Theory and Practice, the IAABC journal, as well as many other publications.

Based in Northern California, Marilyn donates her expertise to the Peninsula Humane Society, which has honored her for her efforts to keep cats from being surrendered unnecessarily due to fixable behavior problems.

To find out more about Marilyn please check her site out:

* Certified through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.
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Welcome to the Group MARILYN
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Hello and Welcome, Marilyn!
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Hello, welcome, and thank you for being willing to share your expertise with us!
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Welcome Marilyn
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Welcome!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
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Hi and welcome to TCS
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, Marilyn!
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Welcome! Thanks for sharing some knowledge with us!!
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Hi Marilyn
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Welcome Marilyn! (We love litterbox advice, amazing how many of "us" have LB issues! )
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Hi Marilyn and welcome!
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Hi Marilyn -- Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS I look forward to learning from you!
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Welcome to the Cat Site Marilyn! Thank you for joining us!
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yaaaaaay welcome
i have a few questions ill go make a thread now!
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Oh wow!! Hi and welcome! I am so glad to see you here!
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Welcome to TCS.
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Thanks Anne for setting up this wonderful forum, and of course WELCOME!
Marilyn! Hope you enjoy being here with all of us kitty lovers!! Thank You for
coming...... and giving of your time!! We all appreciate you!! Have a great week!
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Oh, hello and welcome, sorry I'm late I seem to get off on these little tangents sometimes and forget to stop in.
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Oh yay! I love the expert forums! Thank you for joining us, Marilyn!!!
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Welcome, Marilyn, and thanks for sharing your expertise with us!
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Originally Posted by Skippymjp View Post
Oh, hello and welcome, sorry I'm late I seem to get off on these little tangents sometimes and forget to stop in.
same here - glad you're here - hope to learn a lot!
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