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Gorgeous ominous sky - every color of the rainbow

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The sky was beautiful, unfortunately it meant some nasty weather.

Thankfully, it was mostly south of us.

These two were taken from one direction...

....and in the other direction this is what you saw!

A whole bunch of random ones...some as it rained

You can see how black it was in one direction...and not in the next

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Those are Great Pics
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Wow, those are really neat pictures!

I think it looks cool when the sky is all those different colors.
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Wow, thats one pretty sky!
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Awesome pictures!
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Gorgeous pictures! We had some skys like that not too long ago! It's beautiful, but you never really like to think about what's comming your way!
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Great pictures! Glad that most of the bad weather was south of you.
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Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing your storm!
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I love those pictures! I do enjoy looking at the sky when it goes like that, it wonderful, especially in the summer months..can sit at the window or outside for ages just watching it all go by.
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those are wonderful pictures
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Those are SO BEAUTIFUL. They make my heart happy.
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Wow! Beautiful and wild!
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Wow! Those are gorgeous pictures! I love the colors.
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I love watching the sky! I'm from Colorado, so I was always that way. But my wife was from Massachusetts, and her home was in the woods; she wasn't used to it, when she moved here to Texas. Now she loves it, too.
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