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Preventic Collar?

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It's kind of strange.. only one of the dogs is picking up ticks. I haven't found any on any of the other dogs. None of them have fleas, I haven't seen a single flea all year on anyone. Our vet just started carrying this collar this year, and I was just curious if it would be safer and more effective than getting Frontline Plus. Does it stink like a flea collar? I can't stand that smell. I am mainly wondering about this because the Frontline Plus never seemed all that effective against ticks in the past.
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I've never heard of it or heard it recommended before, and my general feeling is that anything collar-related isn't very effective... But don't take my word for it!

Isn't it funny how one dog will get more ticks than the other? I have two, and one gets them way worse!

If you try it, let us know how if you like it!
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I've heard that it is pretty effective, but I worry about the safety factor, and whether it stinks. I assume it can't be too dangerous if our vet is carrying it. They are adamantly against flea collars. But I just don't know..
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I hate collars, as basically the dog/cat has a high concentration of a poison wrapped around their neck. On top of that, I've seen dogs wearing those who have ticks covering their behinds.....the collar isn't effective on the dog's entire body.
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Well I've heard that this one is different, and that it actually does work very well. It gets good reviews on sites like Amazon. But I am in no rush to buy one without hearing from people that have tried it. And I do worry about it being right there where we might touch it.

I'm just not sure what else to do. This dog is not very cooperative unless I get him up on the grooming table at work, so we end up either fighting him to get them off, or having to drag him to work. I can't just bring him with me when I work, because he freaks out if he is there for long. They still got ticks on Frontline Plus. We have a cat, so I won't use Advantix. Is there anything else that works?
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I know this isn't much help, but my vet advises against the usage of monthly spot-on treatments because it's the equivalence of dosing them with pesticides monthly. It also says on the box for us to be careful not to come into contact with it.

My concern is...if it's harmful for us to touch the application, why should I want my dog to absorb the stuff through her skin and into her system?

Instead, many people nowadays treats fleas (and ticks) as they come, rather than prevent it. My vet recommends this option. Maybe it won't work for your case, but just throwing this out there
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I use to work at a vet hospital and those collars are dangerous!!!

They kill ticks and possibly fleas but if you have other dogs or children in the home they can touch it since its on the dogs neck. When dogs play they tend to bite each others neck and if there is a flea collar on they could get in in their mouth and get sick from it. Same with children who constantly put there hands in their mouths, they pet a dog with one of these collars on and then if they put their hand in their mouth they can get pretty sick. It can affect adults too and it can affect the dog who is wearing it.

Its not a good idea those collars. Its much better to use Frontline once a month since it absorbs into the skin. With a collar the dog is just carrying around the poison and it can get people and other pets sick.

Everytime we had a dog come in with those we would tell the owner and cut it off, we would always have to wash our hands after too.
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I agree for the most part, MesmerizeK. This is why I do not use flea treatments unless I actually see fleas, so they haven't been on a flea preventative in about two years now. I have a natural spray I use before going to the park or vet's office where they could potentially pick up something, though I'm not sure if it actually does anything. For now I've tried spraying him down good with this stuff, to see if it will help discourage the ticks too. It doesn't say it does, but it's worth a try. I'm just so sick of finding ticks on him.

Sydney, Frontline Plus never did much for ticks back when we did use it regularly. I've had two dogs come into work this year covered in ticks, including engorged ones, that are given Frontline Plus monthly. Plus others that only have one here and there. So I just don't have much faith in its ability to help. I do absolutely agree that flea collars are awful. I just wondered if this one was safer since our vet sells it, and it is tick-only, not a flea collar.
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