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Is salt bad for cats?

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Since we brought the kittens home two weeks ago, we have been giving them store-bought water in a jug, filtered drinking water purchased from the grocery store, just in case the water here might upset their tummies.

We ran out this afternoon, and I didn't want to go to the store to buy more (not feeling so well today). I gave them our tap water for now, but I was wondering... Is salt bad for cats?

We have a water softener, so our water is a bit salty, and I am afraid it will be bad for the kitties. I don't mind going to get more water for them tomorrow and keeping it on hand for the future (and not running out) if the softened water is bad for them. If it isn't, then I can just keep giving it to them.

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Just like humans they need some... YES too much is NOT a good thing
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Thank you for the quick reply sharky.

I was just afraid that the softened water, with added salt content, would be bad for them. Should I assume that this is the case and purchase the filtered water instead?

I was thinking of getting a PUR or Brita pitcher for our home anyway so maybe I will do that in the next month or two and help all of us...!
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If it were me I would HAVE HUMANS and KITTIES on the NON softened water....
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Point well taken! They will surely survive tonight, though, and I will pick them up some more tasty water tomorrow!
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Do you have any water at your home that isn't softened? Such as an hook up for a hose - surely that wouldn't be softened, it would be too expensive and bad for plants.

Maybe I should look into getting a water softener, easy way to cheat and get my sodium intake up.
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No, I live in a nice apartment complex that comes with a water softener, so I don't have a hose hookup or anything. I would turn the softener off, but then my clothes would get all yucky (city water is a bit rusty here).

So I will just buy us some more water as soon as this rainstorm stops!
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