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Trapping Strays--Vibes Needed!

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OK. We have a small managed colony in our area. 20-some cats, counting a few neglected "outdoor cats" who come to eat. Half feral, half stray... all but two newcomers are now neutered.

Which is where the vibes come in. We've got traps set tonight. Caught a pretty little tortoiseshell who is probably already barely pregnant. She's the big worry. But the orange tom who got her pregnant is still at large.

The second trap was sprung. No food. No cat. I think he's trap-savvy, or else some other cat is. I don't know of any kittens too small to set it off.

I re-baited the trap. Nice smelly fish cat food. Got the trap covered in a tarp. Got some newspapers on the floor so he doesn't have to step on the wire. Anything else to do?

Cm'on, little guy... neutering is not so bad, we promise!
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Good luck with trapping the big Tom...we are still after a big orange Tom ourselves!
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Ok I got several ideas!

-This ones tricky to do, but it works the BEST. Tie a string near the end of the trap so that it hangs down about eye length with the cat, tie a piece of chicken to the end. This works with those smart ferals that avoid stepping on the trigger, they look up at the chicken and try eating in, not paying attention to the trigger or stepping on it. I have beeen guilty of tying a chicken leg to the string.... but cooked bones are terrible, maybe a raw leg? If I haven't explained this good PM me and I will find a way to explain it better.

-CATNIP! Try using this instead of food (or with it) you would be amazed how fast you can trap them with this, it works with those really timid ones.

-Try using tuna thats been warmed up a tad, the smell travels farther warmed up.

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I see what you mean with tying the chicken up, so they aren't looking at the trigger...
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Give it a go! If you catch him don't forget to update us! Goodluck!
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the feral cat group i belong to on yahoo swears by warm KFC...original recipe, skin removed.
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I have a trap savvy one too and it is driving me bananas trying to figure out ways to catch him.
Good luck with the chicken.
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The bait had been eaten yet again this morning. So we went out and started looking for him. He's touchable--likes head scratches.

Found him lying on somebody's porch. Grabbed him. Popped him in a carrier. He was NOT happy.

But we got him!

Bad news is, we found another not-neutered cat. Sigh.

Both cats are off to be neutered. I'm watching 'em tomorrow when they get back.
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Both are through surgery and doing fine.
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I am so glad you caught him and his new friend and got them neutered!
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Good job!
Toms can have so many offspring that by neutering two you are doing the world a huge a favor.
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Get this: We actually found a home for the little girl! I had thought she must be feral because she would always dash off like a little shadow; but once she came into close proximity with humans she turned out to be a sweet, friendly cat! It's this family with a kid who's about twelve--saw him interacting with her and he's really gentle.

Mr. Ex-tom is happily roaming the streets again. He probably likes his freedom, but he does come around for head scratches every once in a while.
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Great news
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