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A new Kitten here

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My names is Sue. I have 3 beautiful cats who are spayed and not declawed. I have many playthings for them and they are spoiled silly. These are my big babies. Charlie(black & white shorthair-2yrs old) was throw away outside & my daughter toke him in & then gave him to me. Squeaky(tiger-dark)is my sick one. He has a over active thyroid. He has to have meds for life. I am nursing him back to health~he got very sick & lost weight~he's only 4yrs old. And Bear(my favorite-long haired orange kitty-4yrs old). I just got him better he was sick. Hashas a very senative tummy-made him very sick. I had a house fire 3yrs ago & thought I lost him(I lost 3 kitties-had 5).2 days later I heard a kitty outside my house & there he was. We had to catch him with a trap. Poor thing he was scared,dirty,and hungry. Had to stay at the vet for a month(him & Squeaky-pulled him out of the house)until I got a new home. He was very sick for about 2 yrs after. He must of snuck out when I tryed to go back in. He's my little angel.Sorry I get carried away.
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Welcome! Please feel free to post pictures of your furbabies, we love kitty pictures!

Charlie, Squeaky and Bear sound like they are lucky to have you!
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welcome to the board.....please show your babies off!! we love pictures!!
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I have tryed to make my pictures smaller with my photo editor that came with my computer. And they won't stay small. I am awful with posting pictures. If you know how to get them smaller let me know. Than-you for welcoming me.
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Welcome to the site! No worries about going on and on about your babies, we all do that here.

I don't know if you have looked at this or not, but there's a post at the top of this forum How to Post Pictures which explains a couple different ways to post pictures here. If you're having problems with re-sizing, linking to a free photo website like would probably be the easiest. You don't have to resize then. There's also instructions on how to resize photos which should be similar to the program you are using that came with Windows.
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Here goes. This is my kitty Bear.
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My kitty Squeaks.
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This is Charlie. Thank-you for helping me.
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Welcome to the site,beware you won;t be able to stop posting I can't!Try to get some picture's up ,we love kitty picture's!
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hee hee, you beat my with the picture's,beautful kitty's!
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what pretty cats!!!!
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Thanks for sharing. Your pets are beautiful. The blinkies are wonderful.
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katsrus, your babies are beautiful!
Welcome to the site!
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Welcome I'm very new here too.
It's great to meet people like you that love their kitties
so much. I'm sorry to hear about the cats you lost in the
fire, but happy that Bear made it out.
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Welcome! Your kitties are very beautiful!

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