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I love reading these stories, they're so fun.
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they make you feel bette about your stories!
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That happened to me once when I think I was about 18. I was pretty miffed. I am 5'1 and really petite. I'm not a big make up girl either...and I work with dogs in a boarding kennel and have 4 dogs at fancy "adult" clothing doesn't survive for long at my house. I am usually a jeans and tank top kinda girl. I'm 23 and often still get carded when I buy alcohol or cigarettes. Thats funny though. If I put pigtails in my hair...people assume I'm about 15. I guess it's a good thing...I'll always look about 10 years won't have anything to complain about when I'm 40 lol.
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My nephew was just picked up by the police at his high school. (long story that started with a lie and ended with an apology by the police department) They took him to the station and started questioning him. When my sister got there and threatened to file a complaint, they told her she has no juridiction over a 20 yr old adult. They never looked at his license. He's 17.

He's been taken for older since he was 3. The people running the games at the carnival thought he was 6.

On the other hand, I got carded till I was 27.
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I'm 5'2" and come from a long line of "OMG, you can't possibly be THAT old!" women.

If it weren't for my...*ahem*assets*ahem*...I'm sure many would mistake me for being MUCH younger. I'll be 26 next month, and I'm often mistaken for a college student (19-20) at work (I work at a college campus). :/
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I don't think you look 12 or under. But I'm a terrible judge of age, so I won't try to guess how old you look.

I don't wear makeup and still get carded for buying alcohol. I'm 31. I've started taking it as a compliment rather than an annoyance.

A couple years ago I got carded for buying a lottery ticket (you only need to be 18 to buy one), and I about died laughing telling my husband about it. It made me think "what must people think when we're out together?"
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same thing for my bf and I since he looks like he's about 26 (when he's actually 23)and I get told i'm between 17-20 (i'm turning 22 soon) poor guy gets teased for being 2 years older than me already (we started dating when I was 15 and he was 17) and then now he gets picked on by strangers!!
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This is a picture of me 2 years ago. How old would you guess me to be? Then I'll tell you how old I am!

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I would say 22?

this is me in the back:
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Originally Posted by Mer636 View Post
I would say 22?
Bless you! I was 40 when that picture was taken, I'm 42 now. Most guess me to be in my early 30's.
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Haha, I know this feeling only too well! I'm a 5' tall Asian, people guess me for 4 or 5 years (at least!) younger than I really am all the time.

The first time I went to a casino, I was 22. The security guard asked me for my ID, scanned it with one machine, looked at me, scanned another machine, looked at me again, and finally handed my ID back and said I could go through. You could just tell he didn't think I was really old enough! I wanted to say "I promise its not fake, I really am over 21!"
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I suppose when you get older looking younger is a good thing but right now it
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Originally Posted by rabernet View Post
Bless you! I was 40 when that picture was taken, I'm 42 now. Most guess me to be in my early 30's.
Wow, really? I was going to say around 28 or so.
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Things like that happen to me all of the time and I am 30 -30!!!! The other day I went to the Dollar General by our apartment to buy pepper spray. (I currently work in a hotel and when you are cleaning rooms by yourself you don't want to get cornered by a creepo without something to protect yourself.) Anyway, the girl at the counter snickered when I went to check out and said that I wasn't old enough. I whipped out my ID to show that I am indeed over 18 and she still didn't seem to believe me. Just today I was helping one of the other girls clean a room and she asked me how old I am and you should have seen her face when I told her. I find it all rather amusing...except for in the fall and spring when I student teach at my uni and the students think that I am their age and try to bribe good grades out of me with beer.
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leave it to the students to do something crazy like that
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