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Who put that house there

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I just got back from getting groceries for my trip up to my summer home and decided to back into my paking spot along the house. In the summer I usually park on the front lawn so I don't have to walk from the garage and get eaten alive by bugs. Well I was backing in and then CRASH...I hit the house. The house is fine but the side of my car is pretty scratched up and the scratches are filled with green paint from the house. Thankfully I was only going about 5-10 mph otherwise it could have been a whole lot worse. I feel so stupid but thankfully none of the neighbors are around...I just need to figure out what to tell my dad when he see's my car.
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Tell him that the house backed into you.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Tell him that the house backed into you.
haha i agree!
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Them pesky houses do get in the way! (I speak from experience myself. )
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I am just very glad that Tomnus(who was in the house at the time) wasn't hurt and that I didn't do any really noticable damage to the house. The spot where I hit it was my grandmothers bedroom when she comes up here so...yeah that would have been REALLY bad if I did more damage. The only really damage was to my car and that was really minor all things considered. Me and reverse never did get along and it could have been worse, on the other side of where I was driving their is a long line of pine trees or my neighbors garage taht I could have hit. Or if I really was zoned out I could have backed into the lake but...I think their are to many trees in the way.
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Oh my don't back into the lake!!!

What kind of car do you have?

I'm glad that nobody was hurt and the damage was minimal.
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I drive a 1998 GMC Jimmy which just turned 149,000 miles yesterday.
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Thank god it wasn't a little car that crinkles up like a tin can when it gets hit!

You can tell your dad you went 4 wheeling and thats where the scratches came from.
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Thanks for reminding me...I want to do that today.

Their are tails all over up here that I take my car on, don't know if its legal but I don't really care.
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I agree, tell your dad you went off-roading and got the scratches on your car that way Will he believe you?
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Yeah he would, the whole other side from bumper to bumper is scratched up from pine tree branches hitting the side of my car while off roading once. Though I wasn't the one friend didn't quite seem to understand that my car was to wide for the path...
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darn houses always jumping up behind you when you least expect it

Glad everyone was alright and there was minimal damage
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Oh dear! I've backed into a garage door before (on the outside of the garage) Had to move my car quick so my parents wouldn't see it pushing their door in.

Glad that no one was hurt and there was minimal damage to your car and the house!
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