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Post Anesthesia

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Zane went in to the Vet's office today to get his teeth cleaned. They put him out, of course.

He was pretty good about the pre-anaesthesia fast. However, he was so combative that they could not draw blood before anesthetic. They said that after he started coming out of it, every time someone came by his cage, he growled. When he came out in his carrier he was continuously growling; I didn't know that a cat could make that noise--it was as though there were a very small jaguar in there.

Now that he's out of his cage, he's staggering around like a drunken sailor. He does seem to be happier--he's purring rather than growling--but he hasn't much energy.

How much longer will it be before he's back to what passes for normal?
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It will take awhile. He will be ok by tomorrow though. Mine acted like that after being fixed and other surgery.
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My Sho was sick after his dental cleaning too, because of that I won't put through any anesthesia that he doesn't absolutely need. Anytime he refuses food for several hours I know something isn't right.

I hope your kitty feels better by morning, if not don't be afraid to call your vet.
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Your cat should be ok by tomorrow. If in doubt call the vet

I had a abyssinian cat die from anesthesia when he got his teeth worked on. He was given ketamine and it shut his system down. He was only 5.

I won't let the vets use ketamine on any of my cats after that experience. Ketamine can be hard on their liver and kidneys. I always tell the vet to use ISO and they come home the same day not all drugged up.
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Zane seems to be more or less back to what passes for normal today. He's sleeping a lot, but what else is new? When he's not sleeping he's a little more 'clingy' than normal, but that may be because he's afraid I'll desert him again.

I normally vaccum on Saturdays, but I'll hold off, as I don't want to traumatize him any more than I can help.
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My Dante was just like that after his teeth cleaning - to the point I called the vet (my first time through this). I'd say it was hour 18 before he was his old sweet cuddly self. My vet did tell me to call if I noticed the personality change enduring.
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He seems to be back to what passes for normal. Only two little quirks. He's making an odd sound intermittently, sort of a cross between a mew, a chirp, and a cough. He doesn't seem to be in any distress when he does it, I've just never heard it before. The second is that he keeps jumping into the bathtub, and then can't jump out, so he yowls for me to come get him.
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The bathtub thing seems to have passed, and the odd mew seems to be passing.
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