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Help cat is sick

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Hi there ive just noticed that my cat had been layed in same position in conservatory for a few hours so i went up to him to stroke him and noticed his tongue was out, also then there was poop coming out from his bottom slightly loose but still formed, and then he peed i tryed to get some water down him with a syringe he only had abit though then gagged...hes now used the litter tray and sounded to be in pain he did a small amount of poo was runny...hes now layed next to the litter tray and looks lethargic so really worried about him but as were in uk its now 10:15 pm and no vets open so what do i do...leave him until tomorow? could it be he has sun stroke or is it signs of being poisoned?

Simba had been in a cage ;last 4 wk due to pelvic fracture but made a full recovery has been fine for a week so has been out and his usuall playfull this...... :-(
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Can you contact an emergency vet? Any cat with sudden onset bowel or bladder incontinence is usually very serious. At least call around and talk to someone about this.
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Your need to fine a Er. He can die being like that.
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Your cat needs to go the Emergency Room. It sounds very serious.
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I hope you have found a vet by now, just for info, all UK vets are required by law to provide out of hours cover, normally if you ring your vets no, the answer machine will have the number of the e-vet they use. I do hope he will be OK.
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oh no!! how is he??
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hi everyone, I found a vet and took him in on saturday morning as looked to have been poisoned, the vet who i rang friday evening told me it was most likely a stomach bug and to bring him in saturday if any worse which he was, by the morning he looked as though he was dying his tongue was green and eyes were all over the place i rushed him in and after a good 10 minutes wait (after id told them it was an emergency)he was seen.The vet said they would have to keep him in as he was severly dehydrated and his tongue was full of ulcers which looked very sore, they agreed he had most likely taken something poisonous into his system.
I left my poor cat there he was put on a drip, blood tests done, and antibiotics given and am pleased to have got him back home today although he really still is poorly he is on special food very sloppy (all he can manage) also meds brought home with him.Got a big bill and its only 5 weeks since he was in for fracturing is pelvis! I now have cat insurance coming through but am not insured for another 2 wks due to the policy! It looks like simba is going to need it, 2 accidents in one month hope he recovers now though.Hes already been meowing to go outside but im not letting him until hes fully recovered.
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Fingers crossed for him.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
Fingers crossed for him.
sending healing & for Simba... & for your pocketbook!
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I'm curious how he got poisoned because with his injury isn't he just an inside kitty now?
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I'm curious how he got poisoned because with his injury isn't he just an inside kitty now?
My thoughts exactly. You mentioned you found him in your conservatory; to me, that means a sort of greenhouse. Have you brought any new/different plants into your home?
Sending loads of healing vibes to poor Simba
And please, please----consider making him an indoor-only kitty.
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aww poor baby lots of for him and hopefully you find out what poisoned the poor little guy
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I'm SO glad you were able to find a vet to see him!! Praying he's well soon!
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hiya guys, no hes an indoor/outdoor cat, he was confined to a cage for 4 weeks due to his pelvic injury but was given the all clear to go out again so he was definately poisoned by something from outside.A conservatory in england is part of your house but it is glass sides, sort of, sorry hard to explain im sure you willl have same thing probebly called something else.The only thing we keep in there is our chairs and the cats litter tray.
Both my cats are indoor/outdoor meaning i let them in and out as they please.It is very very common in the uk to let cats out and also kind of unheard of to keep them in.You wouldnt dream of keeping your children indoors for fear that they might hurt themselves in the garden, unfortunetly not everything is in your contoll.Im just glad we caught simba in time, and he looks a lot better today still not his usuall bengal self though as hes been through the mill a bit as they say!
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Glad to hear he's improving. Continuing to pray he recovers fully.

Here in the US, a sunroom is probably the closest thing we have to a conservatory.
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