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Kitten help

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Some Advice please:
My DH and I were origanlly going to wait until we were back in the states to get two cats (hopefully from the same litter) but like I mentioned before I found a breeder in GE that had a litter (8 males 1 girl) that we will be able to bring home only a couple of week after we get home. I have wanted to get a cat for a long time, but because my unit goes to the field (for about 1 month) my DH still wants to wait. The soonest we would go to the field is about 5-6 months after we get the kittens and we have two friends (military spouses) who would take care of the kittens for us one of them I'm sure would play with the kittens at least a little bit(haven't asked her yet but she gets lonlet very easily). I'm not sure what to do my DH said if I really want the kittens I can get them but should I wait till we get to the states or would the kittens be ok, ecspecially if there are two of them? Any advice would be wonderful.
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would you really want to miss any precious moments with your new family member?

but at the same time if its the kitten you simpy MUST have then i say go for it!!

haha im not much help at all!
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I would wait, if it was me. Asking someone to kitten sit for a month is rather iffy. What if there is a change in their situation and they can't watch them for you? And a change like that will be hard on the kittens.
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If it were me, I would wait. If you're anything like me, it will be very, very hard for you to leave the kittens for that long after getting attached. At this point, I would not feel comfortable leaving them alone for even a week (when they get a bit older, it will be different....but they are still babies...even at almost 5 months).

If you're headed back to the US soon, maybe you should just try to hold out. If I remember correctly, there were concerns about quarantine issues and bringing the kittens back with you. Another possible source of stress for both you and the kittens. I know it's hard when you've found kittens you really want, but just try to think of all the kittens in the US that need homes....someday soon you'll be able to give them one!
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