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Thursday's DT

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Another early morning for me, thanks to the rocket cats. But I am working from home today, which means I should be able to sneak in a nap around lunchtime

Romeo has blended in with the other cats here very well indeed. It is hard to believe he has been here less than a month! He is the most in-your-face cat I have ever met, not at all shy about demanding attention and affection. But he is so very laid back with the other cats; if one of them gets bristly and hisses or growls, it is like it just doesn't register with him. He doesn't let it faze him at all. He is so sweet and has been trying to take over Coal's place between the 2 of us at night. Coal is not too thrilled about that. It's like a race between them to see who gets the prime sleeping spot first! Silly kitties...
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It's great that Romeo is getting along so well with your other cats!

Off to work for me in about an hour (I need to go get ready, and stop posting! lol, it's addicting . . . ). My allergies are still giving me heck, but I am going to the sllergy doctor tomorrow morning, so hopefully they will give me SOMETHING. And it's looks like we're expecting rain for about a week, starting tomorrow. (About time . . . ) So that should make the pollen count lower, I hope. Hope everyone has a good day!!
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Slept pretty well, for a change and nobody woke me up. I have a job interview, this afternoon and got some other leads, at yesterday's job fair. I put in applications, at Sears and one of the casinos.

It is officially spring - had to turn on the bedroom ceiling fan, last night and the flannel sheets are coming off today.

Have a good one.
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Good luck on the interview! Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Yes, Spring has arrived! Birds were singing up a storm this morning outside the window, daffodils are open, and everything is starting to look green again!
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cindy, best of luck on your interview and applications. i hope the RIGHT job comes along very soon. (((hugs)))
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Good luck at your job inteview! Spring is here too!Beauthul day here. I sleep intill 10;00 today! That is strange for me. But it felt good!I hope everyone has a nice day!
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Good luck at your interview Cindy!

I am at work for 1/2 a day today and then I have a doctor's appointment with my ob/gyn to discuss other possiblities (invitro).

I am back at my mom's tomorrow for the day. I taught my dad how to do laundry so I won't have to do it tomorrow.

I will be coaching someone at work for the rest of the time I am here today so I will have to get off the computer soon. Oh well - I will try to log in tonight form home before Survivor, as long as my mom doesn't need me!

We have been issued a winter storm warning in Toronto so I am not looking forward to the next few days. SARS is spreading and there are about 160 people infected, 7 dead and I think they said over 3000 in quarentine! Other countries have warned people not to travel to Toronto - this is killing our tourism industry!
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He sounds so sweet though...my Fluffy is like that too...
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I am SO tired! I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night, and it certainly wasn't as much fun as last week when I went to the club. We had a bit of a financial crisis come up and I was up almost all night because of it. This is not fun, and I'm trying to find legal stuff on the web today. Lucky for me work is pretty dead today. I just can't think straight. If I didn't know or care how far behind my supervisor is, I would take the afternoon off, but I can't do that to her.

Cindy, good luck with the job interview!

Ady, I've been thinking about you and your mom all week. How is she doing out of the hospital? Good luck (that's not the right phrase, I know) at the Dr. office. I hope they can figure out something for you.
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aw, heidi... (((hugs))) wish there was something i could do to help...
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Heidi, I'm so sorry you're having a problem. I hope the right answer comes along soon. Cindy, I am hoping all goes well with the interview. You are owed some good luck.

Adrienne, whatever it takes! Maybe you'll be having those triplets after all.

We've had a beautiful day again in W. PA. I hope you're all enjoying Spring. It does wonders for the soul!
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