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will your cats share your lap?

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My cats won't unless I try to hold one, usually it is Raven who will want to get off because Jack is there.
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They don't like to. Strangely, it's like they don't like being that close to each other... yet they sleep together.

If they're hungry all rules go out the door and both of them will crawl on and harass me.
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Only Cindy is AT ALL a lap cat, so no sharing is required.
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Sharing is encouraged and happens often around here. But with all these cats, they've had to learn tolerance for each other!
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They used to share, but Artemis actually got a little bit bigger during her second year of life, and they really don't fit any more. If I'm using two chairs, with my legs sticking out and resting on the second chair, they'll occasionally both fit. More often, though, Artemis will be on my legs and Athena on the chair.

They share on a regular basis at night, though. Sometimes they wake me up playing king of my mountainous rear end. Sometimes one curls up on my ass and one on my thighs. More often Artemis will be on top of the covers on top of me, and Athena will be curled up beside me under the covers.
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I am so happy to say YES!! My two adult girls will only get within feet of each other when not playing , but my two new boys are almost always piled in my lap whenever I'm sitting down. They love to be held at the same time, too. Not one in one arm and one in the other - same arm, stacked on top of each other. Who knows, though, as they get bigger! Hoping they stay with it!
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Mine will share my lap, I'll put a pillow on my lap so they have some extra room and comfort and they'll go to sleep. Of course they always come over when I need to use the rest room so then I'm stuck while they nap.
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Originally Posted by mom2raven View Post
My cats won't unless I try to hold one, usually it is Raven who will want to get off because Jack is there.
lol I remember trying to do that when we first got yoda, but oliver would always wrap his arms around his neck (I swear that cat uses his arms like no other I've seen) and start washing his face then of course them jump off my lap and start chases each other around the house. I guess I'm just not as interesting as playing with each other
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For about 5 minutes...and then the fighting breaks out.
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I often have more then two cat's on my lap at the coumptuer.. My big cat jerzee will be in the middle of my lap, little fart will be on top of her and then tater will curl up on one of my thighs.

So yes
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Pixel & Mouse used to. sometimes Pixel & Chip, or Pixel & Cable will, but not often. usually, if Pixel's there [she spends the most time on my lap] she'll leave if one of the others comes.
Java & Firefox almost never choose to get on my lap.
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