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A Sick Kitty

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My neighbour's cat spends a lot of time in our house and over the years has gotten to know and trust us. He's a real street wise attention seeking little tom.

A bit about him that might be useful:
- Roughly 14 years old
- Black and white random moggy, not purebred
- Outdoors cat
- He's pretty well adjusted and happy, still active and playful
- His teeth are worn down so he has barely any of his fangs left, but he still has no problems eating (we don't feed him, only his owner does because I don't feel it's right to feed other peoples' pets, but I've seen him wolfing down biscuits outside)
- He had a stroke early this year, he has full mobility and is perfectly fine except that the eye on the side he had the stroke is permanently slightly bloodshot and sometimes a bit weepy

Two days ago he looked a little tired and less active than normal. He came into the house slowly and then after a short while crouched down, scratched the floor with his hind legs, lifted his tail and peed. He's never peed in the house before, he stays here for hours being fussed over or sleeping but always leaves if he needs to go. The pee was in a very small puddle and was pinkish red in colour! Luckily it was linoleum floor so I cleaned it up and used bleach on the area. Then a few minutes later he crouched down and scratched his hind legs again in the same way, looking like he was trying to pee - but he was like that for about a minute without peeing - I think he may have been having trouble. At this point I didn't want him to make another mess so I showed him out the door.
The next day he seemed fine again and didn't pee in the house again. Today he also greeted us happily wanting to be fussed over and have a neck rub. His stomach was bulgey, but sometimes it is when he has eaten a big meal somewhere. Then while I was stroking him, I stroked the side of his body - he quickly meowed and grabbed me with his paws and teeth (very gently so he didn't break the skin, but he didn't look happy). I thought maybe it's just because I stopped stroking his neck - sometimes if I stop he pulls my hand back to his neck with his paws. So I did it again and he reacted the same, I think that maybe it is painful for him to be touched there but I am not sure.

I'll be asking his owner whenever I next see him how he thinks Rodney is doing and then if he says he is ill and being treated I'll just listen, but if he doesn't seem to have noticed anything wrong yet I will tell him everything I've noticed (Rodney normally spends most of his time outside or in our house while his owner works long hours and he doesn't pee indoors - so his owner might not have had a chance to see, he's not a neglectful owner at all! Very loving. It's just hard to tell when Rodney's still acting fine so he might not have seen yet.)

Until I see him again, just out of curiosity, what do you think is wrong with Rodney the kitty? It doesn't seem good and I'm worried about the old fellow.
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I think Rodney needs a vet right now, today - can you call his owner at work? Bless you for caring, but please make sure his owner is told just as quickly as possible - this could be very dangerous for Rodney.

If he's often an outside cat, the owner may not be aware of the change in his elimination habits, but my rule of thumb is elimination problems, call the vet ASAP, especially with a male cat.
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I'm afraid I don't have a work number for him, but he should be home soon, no later than 9 (in an hour).
What could this be? Bladder stones? UTI? Why especially in a male cat?
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Originally Posted by Meowmies View Post
I'm afraid I don't have a work number for him, but he should be home soon, no later than 9 (in an hour).
What could this be? Bladder stones? UTI? Why especially in a male cat?
Male cats are more prone to blockages than females which is what I think darlili was referring to. It sounds like a UTI or stones and/or possible blockage which can quickly become deadly. Keep us posted!
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He needs a Vet now. He can die if it what i think it could be. He coud be blocked. A male cat peeing blood is not good. I lost frisky to male blockage and my brothers cat bogart died from it also.
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