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I got sent home this morning from work with pink-eye (conjunctivitis.) I'm the 3rd person that's come down with it this week. My left eye feels like it's got sand in it, and it's tearing up and crusting over. Man...I hope this clears up soon!!! How annoying! I have no idea how I got it... I'm a nurse, and handwashing is compulsive!
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Warm moist compresses will help (along with medication) it feel better...hope you feel better soon! (ain't that the truth re handwashing....we always had a selection of hand creams at a counter of the nurses station, since most of us had red, dry, chapped hands!)

I'll tell ya a secret...that habit of handwashing doesn't go away (I'm the lady who washes her hands after handling eggs, picking something up off the floor, before I cook, after doing the dishes...you get the picture).
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