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Daily Thread TGIF June 20th!

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Its going to be a nice day here today and hot with sun sun sun!

One week until I go to Ottawa to get betrothed. I found out yesterday that I have to say vows for it too..so I am freaking out alot. The entire congregation will be there and Josh's whole family too. (Did I mention I don't KNOW these people?)

I am concentrating on the stress of that that instead of being excited to see Josh and I hate it! I am so nervous. I am going to try and not worry about it

Not much going on this weekend, headed out dress shopping tomorrow with a girlfriend and out for dindin. Sunday out for lunch with another friend.

Anyway, have a great Friday and weekend folks!
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Will you have the words to say ahead of time so you can practice???? Good luck with finding a dress.

Its a sunny day right now about 62F and high about 80F. Just two stops today so I hope to be home by noon to start working in my yard some more.

My sis called yesterday and said the her insurance company is totaling her truck. They are giving her a good price though but since she wasn't in market for a vehicle she isn't sure what she wants.

The Hosta walk didn't have lots of people last night-this was the 1st time we switched to a week night plus the hostess lived in a rural area-we are probably going to have to rethink this event. But I bought 5 more plants-one of the society and 4 from the lady for a total of $84!! (Eek) So have to find some good spots for them.

Nothing else happening, just trying to make the yard less weedy and more presentable.

Bakker running around like a madman but its calm at the moment-the rest are outside.

Have a good Friday!
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Morning all!!

Good luck with the vows and dress shopping!

It's suppose to have thunderstorms here today but right now it looks semi clear not that it matters since i work until 9:15 again but I don't mind

hurray for having sunday off WOOHOO

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Morning All!!

Raining here once again.

Heading off to work shortly, it's pay day so I have a few errands to run afterwards.

Nothing special planned for tonight except trying to get to bed earlier.. I haven't been sleeping all that well the last few nights and it's starting to catch up with me..

Kitties are good this morning, having treats right at the moment. Then most likely it will be back to bed for a snooze..

Everyone have a great day
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Nothing like having a Friday for the longest day of the year!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Will you have the words to say ahead of time so you can practice????
Well I have to come up with the words..so I guess thats what I'll be doing before I go there, and then hopefully I don't forget. (I'm sure I won't because its how I feel so it won't change)..but still stressful!
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Have been outside picking blackberries most of the morning, am waiting now for them to finish cooking the juice out so I can package it and freeze it. Am anxious too for a fresh blackberry cobbler!!!

Will be hopefully working on finishing the wiring on my dollhouse, and putting the music to some songs I have written later this afternoon......am about to have some lunch and maybe a nap first though, lol!
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