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Help My Baby Is Sick

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OK So I am going to start at the begining we took the cat (4years old)in several times for constipation and urinary problems. They gave him several emimas,and other antibiotics. And that did the trick for about a week or so. Then we ended up taking him to the emergancy vet, where they did blood work and rehydrated him and many other things. And I still got no answer to why it was reacuring. So we went to another vet. And they told us that it was caused by the food so he prescribed baytril and we feed him science diet. Things were looking up, until a week went by and he began using the litterbox frequently, without results and he still is urinating blood and loosing weight and still has stool blockage. So I took him back and they took x-rays of him and know they are saying he has mega colon, I have been crying over what the vet has told me. So they gave me three options, surgery which I do not have the money for, giving him Lactus something or other, or put him to sleep. I am undesided on what I should do, I am running out of options and was looking for opinions or mabye experience on the subject. I am hoping someone has been through this and can give me good advice. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Val
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I don't really know what to say other than I hope your kitty is feeling better soon!! (((HUGS)))
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Will your vet take payments? some do. Keep up up to date,please!
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Yes, of course I will keep everyone updated. We are going to the vet at 3:00 pm hopefully it will be good news. I guess the biggest problem is that we have spent so much money already on vet bills, medication, ect. My husband is in the military, so it is hard to know which vet is the best in town. And it kills me that we have had every kind of test done and yet we just know found out what is really wrong with him! I mean they were totally wrong, not even the same digestive system. But thanks for caring it really means a lot. Oh and I am new on this site, so hello to everyone! Valerie
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I took the liberty of posting this on another board I belong to, that is frequented by some mighty knowledeable folk- here is the reply for you from the gal who runs the board. I didn't know what to say to you, and had a feeling she would-

"I would give this a chance and try treatment for alittle bit and see if treatment alone will work. If it occurs so frequently, or is causing other problems, however, a subtotal colectomy may be warranted. While surgery is not a complete cure, some cats do extremely well after, there may still be some complications but with an experienced vet/surgeon, some of those complications may be minimal and manageable.

You can also try asking your vet or other vets in your area for cisapride. Although it's been taken off the market, some vets can still get it, it's worth a shot to find out. Lactulose is a common med for megacolon, it works better than common kitty laxatives, but you can also try supplementing with metamucil or canned pumpkin in the diet, ask your vet before you attempt additional fiber. Veterinary diets of choice are W/D or T/D due to the higher fiber content.

Megacolon must be diagnosed through a colonoscopy, so if this hasn't been done, try the treatment first, and if it worsens or becomes debilitating or necessitating several enemas, opt for the colonoscopy by a feline only vet or specialist (vet university nearby would be ideal), they can then help rule in/out megacolon vs mass or other obstruction problems, this is very important so that nothing else is overlooked.

Never use fleet enemas for cats, and never use mineral oil for cats, only warm water, slightly sudsy enemas should be given, and I wouldn't recommend this at home because there is always the potential of causing a perforation of the colon, and even repeated fecal evacuations can cause problems, always leave this up to the vet.

Speak to a feline only vet and try to get a consult from a specialist/university vet, they may have more options for you regarding treatment vs surgery. Either way, don't give up on this kitty, he has a good opportunity to lead a normal life with proper treatment or possible surgery (your surgeon will explain this and the risks involved and what to expect)".........................Traci
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Well we just got back from the vet, and we now have Shadow on w/d canned and dry food, Baytril, amoxicillin, and lactulose. Yeah I am going to have lots of fun giving him this Anyways the vet had said to give him two weeks. And if there is no improvement we will go from there! But thank you Hissy, for helping me out, it truly means a lot to us! But I will continue to keep everyone updated. Hopefully all he needed was more fiber in his diet, wouldn't that be great!!! But again thanks for the support and info.
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You are welcome Valerie- I PM'd you with the url for the board- also have you seen this product?

Stewart Pet
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To be honest, no I have never heard of that, but I did go there. Are the treats expensive? They look like Shadow would really benfit from them. Thanks so much, you are an
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i pray for speedy recovery for shadow!

Blessings and smiles from my kitties and me.
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Oh Thank you, I am praying every night for my baby Shadow! Although he is doing better today, he is passing urine and he is going number 2. I was so happy But thanks for your prayers they mean a lot! And your babies are beautiful!!!!! I wish I had a scanner to show you both of mine. Maybe soon I will be able to figure out a way
You are an angel God Bless!
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We're keeping our fingers (and kitty toes) crossed for Shadow.
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Well this is the third day Shadow has been on his meds and we now see 3 or 4 little suprises in his litter box a day, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that this is a routine for him! But now we have to also have to figure out why he tries to urniate all the time, they have said UTI but we have been giving him meds for that for about 3 weeks. So Hopefully everything will be ok! again thanks for all the help and support! Love always Valerie
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You might want to take him back to the vets and ask that he be checked for FLUTD especially if the urine pools are small and not large..
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