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Ferocious Attack Kitten

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I was just skimming through CL and found this in the Best of section. It made my night since i left work early due to feeling yucky-- again .

Just found another-
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Thank you for sharing.
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I think someone should point out in the second advertisement that kitty is actually a skunk?

Thanks for sharing those
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Uhhhh... are these people serious???

That kitten is being..... a KITTEN for cryinoutloud!!!!

And the other... ummm..... how in tarnation did that person get that skunk.. unless it is really his/her pet and they are trying to punk the people on CL?
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N'ahhhhh now I want my pet skunk even MORE! *cries*

I love the 'found cat' ad... even though it's a play on the one with the opossum that floats about the internet... And I really, really, really want a pet skunk. *sigh*
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Thanks, I needed that too!
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Small world - my husband just read those to me last night. We were DYING laughing. The skunk one really sent us over the top.

Absolutely hilarious.
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I have 2 attack kittens already! They are growing up, but the description fits them too! Thanks for sharing!
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Ha! My boyfried and I were looking at these last night. I think the skunk is even possibly a stuffed animal.

I too had a ferocious attack kitten once, but she mellowed out over time.
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Thanks! Those were a riot!
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Thank you, I needed a good laugh. Anyone see this one?

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that thing is a skunk!
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