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Wanna see my Birfday Presents???

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I got a necklace and bracelet set, a new watch and an Engagement Ring!! Yay!!! I have never had any "real" jewelry before, now I sparkle


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Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

Such beautiful presents!

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YAY GINGER! You really scored alot on your B-Day! Congrats on the engagement! The ring is beautiful! Did your guy pick it out all by himself or did he need a bit of help?
BTW...I think your man needs to talk to my man about good b-day gifts! I just get roses every year...never jewelry!! I'm so jealous!
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Happy Birthday, congratulations on the engagement, and wow, that's some nice jewelry (and a gorgeous ring!!!)!! Sounds like you had a pretty good day, lol!! I'm so happy for you!
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We picked it out together tonight at the mall. He suprised me yesterday on my birthday with the rest of the jewelry.
He is really good at giving gifts! I usually get a great suprise on holidays but this is the best one yet.
We have been dating for almost 3 years, it will be 3 years in July.

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They're lovely! And congratulations on the engagement!
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Beautiful jewelry, and congratulations on your engagement!!
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Awww what a wonderful birthday! Congrats Ginger! And the jewelry is beautiful!
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I'd say you got spoiled on your birthday! Congrats!
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Congratulations! & Happy Birthday
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WOW!! Congratulations!!!

That ring is very very very pretty!! Congratulations on the engagement!

The watch, necklace, and bracelet are beautiful too! Sounds like you've got yourself a very good man :P

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Way to go! I love your ring!When's the wedding?
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Ginger - that's great news, congrats on the engagement, the ring is stunning. Oh, and a happy birthday, I must've missed the b-day thread.

Nice one!!!
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Congratulations! What a wonderful birthday present-the ring is gorgeous!
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Very Nice!!!
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Wow Ginger, you made out like a bandit!

Congrats on the engagement. The ring is GORGEOUS! Very sparkly.
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oooer, I like the braclet and necklace, happy b-day
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No wedding date yet. We talked about having it somewhere like Las Vegas or the Carribean. And inviting only family and a few friends.
Here is a better pic of the ring. It feels strange to have a ring on my finger

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Cool. Make sure that you get it appraised and insured, though. My first one got stolen and my ex never replaced it, because it wasn't insured.
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WOW! WHAT A ROCK! What a GREAT b-day - you DID make out like a bandit, didn't you????

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Wow, Ginger! Those are really nice pieces. I think your fiance should do a seminar on "How To Buy A Great Gift For The One You Love"— I'll send my hubby to learn a thing or two....LOL!...

For my birthday this year, I got this really romantic gift:

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I asked for a Maid to come to my house and clean it for me for my birthday, oh well.
Now I gotta clean it with my new jewelry on LOL!!!
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