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OK what is this leaking out of my cat?!

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I think most cats do this, but I've never figured out what it is.

When my little girl jumps in my arms and wants me to scratch her, about 50% of the time she drips this *stuff* from her snout. I can't tell whether it's coming from her nose (don't think so) or her mouth (HOPE so).

What is this nasty stuff? Is it some sort of pheromone and my cat is trying to get me laid?
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I think it might be drool. My cat Popsie is male and he's had stuff drip from the base of his nose when I scratch under his chin.
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Awww! She's a drooler! Both of my kitties drool when they are happy and purring contentedly. Chynna is worse than Abby for drooling though, and she's gotten worse since having several teeth extracted in April. But I don't mind. I know she's happy
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Butterbean is a drooler, too- ugh!
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I wonder why some cats drool when they're happy. Must be an excitment thing.
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Well it really does make sense. I drool when I'm happy too.
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I'm going to guess you have a drooler too!

I have a drooler. When he gets up after laying on me I always end up with this puddle on my shirt.
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Ollie drools sometimes too! It's when he's really content and I'm giving him scritchies.... I'll feel it drip on me and then when the session is over he usually gives a good shake, effectively showering me - he's like part Saint Bernard!
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I always thought it was drool too.
When I was a teenager my kitten Leaf was a drooler at times, he'd come in as an adult and drool everywhere.
My current kitty Mecha is a drooler, she'll come in after being put away in the mornings and dub her face all over mine with drool everywhere (YUCK) lol I adore her but do a "mummy" thing and wipe her mouth whenever possible >_<
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New kitty, Harley, is a drooler. Puddles of drool. I have learned never to indulge on a major petting session before going somewhere important.

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