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Preparing to move

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I am moving in less than three weeks. I've moved a lot, and with my cat, but never so far away. He used to be able to ride in the car fine, without a cage, but he's had so many stressors in his short life that he's gotten to be really anxious. I've never given him drugs, and I wouldn't know how to. I was going to put him in a cage for the six hour trip, but how else can I make it so he's not so stressed with the move and everything? I've gotten Feliway before, I was thinking that might help...if I can find it reasonably priced. Anyone have any advice? TIA!
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Here are some good tips
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One of the suggestions made in the link Javern provided would have been one of my first suggestions...allow your cat to get accustomed to a carrier long before you need to transport him. Cute, the way that was described, but (at least for me) so true to life. It works!

I've made a 4 day move by car with one cat - if I had to do it again, I would get the largest carrier that will fit in the available space. I've since learned that used (pardon me, previously owned) carriers can be found in many places, so cost would be much less than a new purchase.

With a six hour trip, I'd probably cover the carrier for the first couple of hours, then gradually uncover when he started to become inquisitive. I think Feliway could help. I would not worry about a litter pan for the trip. I'd have some water and food inside the carrier. In the car have and use some small things he is familiar with - toys, cat bed, blanket etc.

In retrospect, the most stressful parts of my move (for my cat) were the pre and post move aspects. I would NOT expose him to the removal of items in the house/apt - I would seclude him in a small quiet area (a bathroom) until all that activity was done. I would not let him see the "empty" house. On the other end of my move I would again sequester him in a small quiet area until everything was in place, then move him to a one room where he would stay for a few days, after that allowing him to slowly explore the new surroundings. In that room put all those small familiar things you carried in the car.

Here are two things that may help, a link and a brochure.
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