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Need help with feral kitten.

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Okay, here's the story. My uncle lives with a colony of feral cats in his back yard and today I was down there. We parked in his driveway and I saw three of the ferals. One is a BEAUTIFUL longhair calico, and I think I caught a glimpse of a silver tabby, but there was also a kitten. It's solid black, quite young.

I'm just wondering how I could possibly trap the kitten. It went under the porch, so I'm assuming that's where the cats are living. I have no experience with trapping, ferals, or colonies but I really want to help this baby, get it spayed/neutered. Possibly socialize it and give it a home.

The situation has been bothering me for quite some time now, any advice would be most appreciated.
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You can see if you can borrow a trap from your local shelter. I've trapped many kittens for the shelter and if they're young enough they can be easily socialized and made adoptable. In fact, I have three of the rascals right here!
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The above poster is refering to a humane trap, it looks like a cage, and you put food in it, when a cat goes in it far enough, the door closes. Your could buy one or borrow one from the local shelter, but you would need to clean it VERY good to make sure no diseases would be spread (you never know how many sick & rabid animals have been caugh in those). The best baits are tuna, cat nip, and for the very hard to catch cat you can tie a chunck of chicken near the back of the trap about eye level with the cat, cats that usually try to step over the trigger that closes the cage alays fall for this.

Anyways if you do go this route the trap needs to be checked frequently, and there is apossibility of catching a possum... we've done that, if that happens just throw a blanket over the trap, straddle the trap, and CAREFULLY open the door, this way the possum doesn't even see you and runs right out for cover. If you need any help PM me, I maintain a feral colony and have learned tricks over the years.

Also when you finally trap her, don't be dishearted when she spits and hisses at you-she will learn to trust you over time. Keep her isolated from your other cats in a room all to herself, if you touch her wash your hands and change clothes before messing with your own cats, you never know what a feral cat may have. ALWAYS keep two doors between her and outside, ferals are quick movers and all it takes is a spilt second and a door opened 6 inches... Get her tested asap. Good luck.
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