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my breedless cat...

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I don't know what breed my kitty is. I suspect siamese or burmese, because of what others have told me, but I don't know for sure. If anyone suspects anything, please let me know!
Anyway, This is Gary.

He doesn't like his picture taken, can you tell? Thanks for letting me show him off, usually people don't care to see my friend and I love to show him off.
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oooooh what a pretty boy!!

he is for sure not siamese, all siamese have blue eyes and points, he may be part burmese, you never know, no matter what he is, he is very pretty!
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He's a domestic short hair.... Not to say he couldn't have some 'breed' to him, but some cats are just... mutts.
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He is a Domestic Short Hair (DSH), which is the correct term for any short-haired cat without papers to prove its pedigree (so long as one exists).


Only a very small percentage of cats have an official breed, so don't feel too left out

He is very handsome!
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Aww, thanks everyone. He talks like a Siamese, and when I took him to the vet, a lady there said he looked Burmese. his fur is black, but when the sun hits it, his fur is really a beautiful dark brown. So, I'm not sure. I got him when he was about six weeks, a vet guess...my friend was driving to work, and saw someone throw him out of their car window. We went back later that evening, and found him at the side of the road, eyes glued shut, so tiny. So I took him home, and he's grown so big and healthy. He's truly a best friend to me.
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He is beautiful He is a lucky boy you found him
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What a handsome, regal-looking boy! He surely looks very healthy and happy
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