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When Should I Call?

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Hey there,

Just curious if I seem overly worried - I emailed my potential breeder on Tuesday and I still have yet to hear from her (normally she is SUPER fast at replying) so I am worried I scared her away in some shape or form. I am worried since it took me a few days to reply to her that may be she thought I wasn't interested anymore (few days meaning 3 days). May be I am being super paranoid but I want to give her a call... but am worried this will seem to stalkerish . I just want her to know I am interested and DO in fact intend on adopting one of her kitties.

What's a gal to do!
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Originally Posted by Jamiekitty View Post
What's a gal to do!
Be patient a little while longer yet. Day to day life sometimes gets in the way and it could be that she has just been otherwise occupied. If you haven't heard from her by the early evening tomorrow (Friday), maybe you could email her again and ask her when would be a convenient time for you to call her.
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Thanks so much. Appreciate it
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Heard back yet?
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Shooting her an e-mail wouldn't be considered as intrusive, I think.
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I wasn't aggressive enough about contacting my first choice breeder, and didnt get a kitten from that just born litter. Had i called and emailed a few more times it might have happened. They are probably just busy, so send an email every few days and try to pay a deposit.

Although, I ended up getting to bring home a kitten from a different breeder that same week and I love her so much! So, whats ment to be will work out.
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Last time I wrote our Breeder she took 5 days to answer. The kittens are due July 22 .
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