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What symptoms did your cat show right before giving birth?  

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I noticed a lot of threads in this forum are by people wanting to know if their cat is going to go into labour soon. In some threads I've read people say their cat was very vocal and there was plenty of signals right before birth, some had cats who had discharge or other symptoms up to two weeks before delivering, some noticed the queen stopped eating, others took temperatures and noticed a drop, and other people had cats who showed no symptoms and they just woke up in the morning to some kittens. I am just wondering about everyone's stories, and thought it would be an interesting thread to start! So... what's your story?
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My Meeko wanted Coco with her when she went in labor. She just had the discharge the day before. She would pace and was vocal. Coco was at my Dad when she had her Kittens. She looked for a place to have them and was put in the bathroom a few days before. Whiskers had a disharge the night she had her Kittens. Whiskers was 29 years ago. Coco and Meeko were 6 years ago. Coco ate alot before she had hers. Meeko didnt want to eat at all.
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Shinobi got very clingy, and very restless. Didn't want me out of her sight, but couldn't sit still in one room with me either. She also got very vocal!
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Well I fostered a cat about 4 years ago. I was really clueless about what to look for so I never checked to see if there was discharge or what her temperature was or anything. I took her home from the SPCA and (after I coaxed her out from under the bed) she started to look for a nest immediately. I had been told by the SPCA that she was maybe 3 weeks pregnant, which was really wrong look back since she was showing and you don't show until 5 weeks! Maybe they had meant to say she had 3 weeks left... Anyways because she was nesting, I decided to get out my dog cage and set up a nest for her. She went in right away and spent a lot of time in there. She was also very affectionate and purred a lot, which I didn't know was a sign then since I didn't know the cat, but I know now that she is a very shy cat normally! Anyways, that was all she did, she was not vocal and not acting too weird. Two mornings after I brought her home, to my complete suprise since I thought we had weeks left, she had given birth to a kitten. I thought she was done but then about 10 minutes later she started meowing loudly and had a second. So the only meowing she did was when she was actually pushing one out.

I'll post my current fosters story once she's actually delivered!
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Originally Posted by Abstract View Post
Shinobi got very clingy, and very restless. Didn't want me out of her sight, but couldn't sit still in one room with me either. She also got very vocal!
Was this right before or the days before giving birth?
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A couple of hours before she had her kittens our cat tried to take two kittens we have into her nesting area by neck scuff.They're 10 weeks old so it was really quite funny.
She did pick a nesting spot though,a giant box turned on it's side that I had gotten for packing a few things away.There really wasn't any other signs.She's a very vocal cat to begin with so that wasn't really a sign,if fact,she's name after her meow.When she meows it sounds like "Maaahhh" so that's what we call her.
All the cats that we have had that have given birth have done so within an hour so were fortunate not to have the long labors.
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CatMomma, can u kindof describe how she purred and everything?? Lol

.....cause my cat is VERY close to having her kittens i think....and this morning i went down to the basement to give her food and check on her...and she was VERRRY affectionate. She kept licking me and wouldnt stop, haha, and she purred really was like part of the purr was really low and part was extremely high. And its like she was kindof panting...then she followed me to the door which has has never done.

Do you think this is a sign?

How long after your cat was clingy did she have her kitties??

I hope you can help, thanks
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I can't really remember, it was a few years ago, although I think it was just a normal purring. My current foster still hasn't delivered, so I don't know about that yet! I did read though that panting and heavy breathing is a sign of oncoming labour. Although I can also tell you that my current foster was doing this over a week ago and hasn't given birth yet!
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our cat has been acting jumpy and more alert she is not relaxed and will not stay in one spot for a long period of time she seems to be hiding a little more than usual she has been panting too we do know for sure that she is pregnant cuz her nipple seem swollen and there is dry milk on them i need ur opinions............. IS SHE ON THE VERGE OF HAVING KITTENS??????????? if so
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Originally Posted by nickers_luvr14 View Post
our cat has been acting jumpy and more alert she is not relaxed and will not stay in one spot for a long period of time she seems to be hiding a little more than usual she has been panting too we do know for sure that she is pregnant cuz her nipple seem swollen and there is dry milk on them i need ur opinions............. IS SHE ON THE VERGE OF HAVING KITTENS??????????? if so
Hmm...those are some pretty definate signs...its very likely that she's have them in the next little while. Watch to see if she starts nesting anywhere.
Good luck!
Keep us updated!
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Coral stated scratching at the bottom of the closet 2 hours before she gave birth to the 1st one. She didn't meow or pant. She stopped eating only a few hours before too. I definatly noticed her being very lazy the night before.
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Our cat Tiara was very clingy while she was in labor with her 1st litter. She wanted to have her babies in my sister's lap! lol With her 2nd litter, she just went into her nest and the next thing I knew, she was giving birth!
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Well basically, my cat spends alot of time in alot of different places, so im not sure where she's going to have them, as soon as i get home i want to check on her but i never know where to look, and im not sure when shes due?! help?
Thank You.
Lucy x
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My cat just had her kittens 2 weeks ago. First litter for her and I! I didn't know what to expect. She became very affectionate starting the night before.
She was restless too. She would go from my lap to my husband's and then down to cuddle with the dog! I have some cute pictures of her and the dog cuddling.

The next morning she was the same way. Then at 10:15 she had the first one on the living room floor. I was in the shower but the dog was helping, he brought her his favorite bone.

Oh, I did notice that she felt extra warm the night before too. But those were the only signs.

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Kiki: No signs at all, just went into the box, and had them!

Winnie: In box all day before

Boots: Nothing much, just her water broke and it soaked her, then kittens came within 30 min!

Not to exciting
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For De there were three clear stages before she went into labour. I was worried I wouldn't know when, but it was pretty obvious. There was a change in her shape, her behaviour and how she moved about a week before hand.
She felt very warm and was loads more affectionate than usual for a couple of days before. Her belly also changed shape (it looked like the babies were a lot lower and further back).
The morning she had them she became very restless and vocal. She had chosen to nest upstairs, and a couple of hours before kept going to the stairs and meowing (but not her normal meow, and really distressed, long meow). She wouldn't settle until we followed her upstairs and she went and led down near her box. I sat down fussing her and she was purring loudly and rolling over for me to rub her belly (which she normally hates), and every time I stopped would let out that same meow.
When she got closer you could see visible waves of contraction and she panted with her mouth open a lot, and this is when she started getting discharge.
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Echo my cat went through 3 signs over a week also.
First sign was that she wanted to be in my face 24 7.
Then two days before she gave birth she started having slight discharge.
Witch I knew it was coming soon.
Then the night before she was up down all around the bedroom. I woke up to a kitten crying that morning.
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Sadie was 100% her normal self for her pregnancy. A few hours befor the birth, she stood up, startled and started meowing non-stop. It reminded me of a dog barking. She ran to the bedroom. I joined her and she was all over me, then in the nest, then back on me. Meowing the WHOLE time, and wanting lots of affection. She also had a lot of discharge. Light pink to clear. It got on everything! Then when she was really close it changed to drips of red blood.
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my cat hasn't given birth yet and i dont know when she will. my dad says that she getting ready to have them and she hasnt shown any signs she just wants me to rub her stomach! i have a box and everything ready just in case!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to have kittenens!!!!!!!!!!!    wait.gif


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Sophie's only clue was that she started to nest 2 days prior. Fluffy up bed covers, blankets and clean clothes.  I had another momma who neurotically looked for a good hiding place to give birth. Found her in a crawl space storage in labour. The first time moms seem more neurotic then the ones that have done it many times.

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the only thing looking back on Pepsi is she pinched my granddaughters socks, we couldnt find then any where, until we found blood on my hubbys sock draw, pulling the draw out we found all the missing socks and two kittens just born, she was playing with her sisters only half hour before we found the kittens. the only reason we went looking was because my son picked pepsi up and he had blood on his arm. 

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hi my cat is pregnant she has got very large and looks like she has got a football in her belly :) she is showing some signs but how long do you think she has left?

* she is following me all over the house

* meowing alot more

*eating alot more 

* looking for places to hide where she normally doesnt go 

* lying down to strech out 

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Aww, I had too many fosters to remember them all well.  I do remember that one we had would climb the curtains, even the last week of pregnancy, and we would have to get her down.  She was a bit on the hyperactive side.  I believe almost all of them had kittens in the middle of the night or in the early morning.  Most were very affectionate, licking down there a lot, and sleeping a lot in the days before.  The biggest signs IMO is nesting and restlessness. You will see a lot of nesting going on and it can be very satisfying for them to shred newspaper in the box. 

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Hi My young kitty is expecting kittens anytime but still unsure of what to look for. I read all the posts and it seems it could happen any day now. My kitty has never been affectionate and in the last few days has actually been greeting in my lap wanting me to let her and licking me a lot. I haven't reall noticed a decrease in appetite as of yet but she walks around purring quite a bit. Any ideas?
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Our young kitty Cinderella is prego.  She is a little over a year old.  She went into heat about four times and is an inside kitty.  But her last heat wave she couldnt stand it and snuck outside for about an hour.  I realized at the end of June that she had  not went into heat again then we noticed her nipples were enlarged.  She went through the more affecionate stage and today she started hissing at our older cat again.  Our older cat, Spaz, is fixed, so we know the father is the black cat across street or the other black and white cat who looks just like Cinderella.  Cinderella also has gotten more vocal today like the noise she made when in heat.  Cant wait for the babies:)  do you think she will deliver tonight or tomorrow?  She got to be at least 5 weeks.


Prego in California

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What a shame Cinderella wasn't better confined while in heat, or better yet spayed at the appropriate age. If she's only 5 weeks along she has another 4 weeks to go.
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Grey gave birth two weeks ago and it was a total surprise!  I had taken her in from a home that was just allowing her to breed over and over and they could not tell me how far along she was.  I had just started to feel the kittens move a week or two before she had them.  I never saw any change in behavior, eating habits, or sleeping habits.  The only thing I did note the night she gave birth (about 13 hrs before) was that her tummy had become very hard compared to how it had been feeling (kind of mushy).  She was VERY friendly, wanting to be with us at all times, but she had been this way since we got her a few weeks before.  I woke up Friday morning (two weeks ago) and "surprise" she had had one live and one not formed kitten already.  She never made any noise, never let on to anything!  Grey never even picked one special place, she just seemed to have them in the first place she came to when she went into labor.  Now we have four adorable, healthy kittens and a healthy mom.  

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Missymotus you are pretty rude and what are you doing in a cat forum for cats giving birth if you believe they should all be spayed?!  We wanted our cat to get pregnant, which is why she was not spayed.  And she is very well taken care of.  Perhaps you misunderstood my post above.  Regardless, you should not be in a forum for what symptoms does your cat give if you dont care about cats giving birth and want them all to be spayed.  It's America and If I want my cat to have babies then I'll make sure it happens.  A cat is an adult at twelve months, out cat was over twelve months old.


For all of the cat lovers out there that are interested, Cinderella gave birth to 4 kittens last night:) Two white, one black and another black with white spots.  They are adorable:)  Cinderella is doing great and Spaz is giving her space:)


Photo: 4 babies

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Why do you want your cat to have kittens?  Have you seen how many cats and kittens are pts every day in the US?  Each of the kittens will take a home that could have gone to a kitten or cat in a shelter.  If you want the joy of kittens in the house there are plenty of pregnant cats needing foster homes.


Since this is deliberate part on your part, how come you didn't take the trouble to find out about feline pregnancies - how long they last and so on?  There are plenty of online resources you can find via Google or whatever your favourite search engine is.


If you think Missymotus was rude, wait a bit.


As to your cat - she is right about how long left.  Cat pregnancies are an average of 65 days from first mating.


They don't all end well either.  Make sure you have emergency vet details to hand, and the money to cover a section should she be unlucky.

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everyone here loves cats. but we all have our opinions on all different topics whether it be spaying, declawing..etc. i can understand both sides. when my dogs bred years ago i was so happy because i wanted my male dog spaz's bloodline to go on. now that im older and i own a pit abd ive become more active in trying to restore their good name and i see all the animals in shelters not to mention i am currently hand feeding a baby kitten that is motherless im all for spaying and neutering. my pit was spayed at 6 months and kitty will be spayed at 2 pounds. as much as we love our animals and we want so badly for them to procreate and have a piece of them it really is taking a toll on shelters the streets. i think you said your cat only had four kittens? thats a fairly small litter right? do you plan on keeping them all? do you already have homes lined up? and even if you have homes lined up whos to say those people wont move or get agfrivated if they have potty problems and they end up outside or in a shelter? or not spayed and making more babies and those babies make babies and so on and so forth. i would LOVE for my pit to have puppies because i love her so much and would love to keep her bloodline going. but is it worth is to keep one puppy of hers? no. its selfish and unjust. i could give my heart and home to another dog that has nothing that is wasting away in a shelter because people cant stop breeding.

i dont think anyone means to sound rude. its just that until you see the reality...surrounded by animals that youbknow are going to die in just a day and knowing that others will fill their places and some will get out and many wont and the cycle will keep wont understand. i fill my facebook with shelters and rescue groups to remind me why i keep my animals fixed and to keep my hopes up that one day i can do more to help. but preventing jusy one litter can do a lot.
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