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Anyone ever get a Massage Before?

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I am going to get one soon for the first time. I am wondering how good they are?
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Ahhhh.... bliiiiisssssss fulllll....... you will feel like a new woman!!! I'm serious!
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Thats what I hear.
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Only in physical therapy. If you can, go for it! Just make sure to warn them away from really sensitive areas and what type of pressure you can handle. If it hurts, tell the person to stop.
For me, deep tissue or anything close would be torture as I'm a bit sensitive and have inflammation is some parts of my back.
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Once, and it was wonderful. It was for a hour and she rubbed my arms, hands, lower legs, feet, neck and back. It was great.
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I have arthritis in my back,chest,shouders and neck. Would a Massage make it worse. My back and neck hurt alot everyday.
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I went to massage therapy for my neck. I have chronic neck problems and my muscles are always tight and sore. In my case the massage therapy did not work. Mind you I have something awful going on in my neck that I can't ever get any relief from the constant pain.

Under normal circumstances massage is shear bliss!!! Have fun!!
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I have arthritis in my back,chest,shouders and neck. Would a Massage make it worse. My back and neck hurt alot everyday.
I'd suggest a very light message from someone who knows what they're doing/experienced in people who have arthritis. As well as alternating ice and hot compresses.

I can't say it did a lot for my back, it did feel nice and for the rest of the day. But no message can undue permanent damage.
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I go every two weeks to Massage Therapy... she does deep tissue work. I have an old back injury, as well as numerous other minor injuries all over... I also carry a large chunk of my tension and stress in my back...

Let them know you've never had one done before and they'll play with pressure to see how much you can handle...

If they use lotion, make sure you wipe as much off as possible of your feet (and other areas, if you wish)... my current MT uses lotion and my toes squish from the excess lotion... blech. I much prefer Shiatsu massage, as there's no lotion or oil... it's dry. And you're usually still clothed.

Another tip: keep yer undies on. bra comes off, if it's a traditional type where lotion or oil is used. everything but the undies comes off. they don't see any girly parts, so there's no issue... but it's easier for them to work the back over if there's no bra strap.

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In our area, a lot of the people giving massages are Physical Therapists.
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Yes. I would like another one.
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Loved it! Just be honest that it's your first time and I'm sure it'll be great.

Funny story (maybe not funny HaHa, but funny-interesting)...when I had my Swedish massage, the guy said, "Why didn't you tell me you had a headache?" to which I replied, "I do?"

I guess my neck was so tense he was stunned that I didn't have a nasty headache. I had to explain that anything less than a migraine really didn't trip my headache radar at the time.

Have fun!!!
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A massage is great done by the right person. I've had many massages, and each time I move, I have to go through a number of massage therapists before I find one I like.

The guy I used to have in Australia was AWESOME, not only was he a really lovely guy, but he could always find my sore spots, knew where I carried my tension, and if I was hurting in one place, he could find another place where it was also tight that was affecting the sore area.

Since I've moved, I've found one good one, but she charged a FORTUNE (lucky it was covered by insurance), but everyone else seems to do "textbook" massages - start on calves, spend 5 minutes there, then 7 minutes on upper legs etc. rather than going "hmm, calves are fine, but ITB is tight, lets do some more work on that".

I do think it will be good if you have arthritis - it's probably causing you to have bad posture, or do things awkwardly if you're in pain, which would tighten up all your muscles. Try a few different massage therapists, then go every 4-6 weeks - more regularly if you can afford it.
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It all depends on who does it.

The very first massage I even got was from a former prima ballerina who after retiring from The Winnipeg Ballet set up a massage studio in my chiropractor's office. I think she was anorexic because you could see every single bone in her body because they were only covered by skin. Her massage room was set up as a shrine to her days in the ballet with a gazillion pictures on the wall. And she had 3 huge fish bowls of candy in there. The atmosphere itself was nice and soothing. The problem was that she didn't shut up. She was so hyper from all of that candy and she yacked the entire time and grilled me about the ballet and told me all about her ballet career. I paid for an hour massage and I got 40 minutes and when I left I was so tense that I had a tension headache. The next time I went to the chiropractor I complained. He said that he was aware of the problems and that her stint there was going to be short lived. In fact he had already given her notice to find another location. That was years ago. I don't know where she's working now, nor do I care. She's far too hyper to be a massage therapist.

I didn't have another massage for years after that because I was too afraid to But there is a place 1 block from me and I went there about 5 years ago I think. It was good. I was nice and relaxed afterward. I did notice that my muscles were really sore for a few days afterwards and I was told that would happen.

They should offer you a choice of massage types: relaxation or deep. I had the deep one where the muscles are really worked hard. It's the best kind if you have tense muscles.

And they should offer you a choice of 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

And you can get either neck/back or full body which includes the head, arms, hands, feet and legs.

You can also take your own music to most places.

If I ever get another massage I will go for the 30 minute neck/back because just massaging my neck and shoulders is enough to relax my entire body completely.

If you get someone who is good and allows you to just mellow, I think you will enjoy it.
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Originally Posted by abbycats View Post
I went to massage therapy for my neck. I have chronic neck problems and my muscles are always tight and sore. In my case the massage therapy did not work. Mind you I have something awful going on in my neck that I can't ever get any relief from the constant pain.

Under normal circumstances massage is shear bliss!!! Have fun!!
There is a form of massage called trigger point that is the absolute best in my opinion. I have chronic neck pain due to the fact that I hold all my stress in my neck and it can cause some serious migraines. I went to a lady that specializes in that and it was wonderful. It is a bit intense and they'll warn you before hand but if you can take the pain in the end your neck will thank you.

Back to the topic at hand regular massages are heaven on earth I've actually fallen completely asleep on someones table I was so relaxed. They are the best way one can take some time out from the real world and pamper themselves.
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Oh how I loved it when my grandma would get weekly massages by a massage therapy student she knew. So blissful when I'd be over and get a free hour long massage
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Thanks to everyone.
This is the place I might go.
I have met Taylor when I had my hair done.
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I get one about once a month. I have fibromyalgia and that is similar to arthritis. I just let them know that I need a relaxing massage with gentle pressure. If you let them know if something is too much or not enough then it will be heaven! It helps me so much!
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I have Fibro also. The pain from that is worse then the arthritis. My chest and neck have hurt bad all week. Woould you want to join a fibro Group I am in?
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I had a massage.. and I was sore for several days afterward.. though before that hit and after it passed I felt a lot better. Apparently I had a ton of knots around my neck and lower back. Not surprising, since my neck area is always tense it seems, and the back is sore from work a lot. I don't know if the soreness was normal, though, or if I should be looking elsewhere if I get another at some point.
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I have an appointment for one at 5:30 this evening! It's a relatively new place that I've never been to (it was voted best massage in town, in our local newspaper.) The hospital Massage Therapy (where I usually go) was totally booked up, so I decided to call around to see if I could find a place that would take me Friday, after work.

I'm a mess. I have spondylolisthesis in my lower back, and kyphosis and a bulging disk in my neck. I also get chronic muscle spasms in my shoulders, which trigger headaches that often turn into migraines.

I have had a couple of deep tissue massages that actually made my muscles HURT for a couple of days!!! Once the heat and pain from the massage disappeared, the muscle spasms were gone for several weeks. The first time it happened, I was worried and called the Massage Therapist. She told me that it was a normal result of the type of massage I had gotten, and that the pain would only last a day or two. She was right, and the benefits lasted nearly a month.

Good luck! I hope the massage does exactly what you want it to do for you!
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I had one last July and the massuese said I was the tightest person she had ever worked on-she was sweating when she was done!! And I really didn't feel any different.
From the work I do I know my hamstrings are super tight and shoulder too. I would like to find a different one and try again. I don't like them rubbing my feet or hands though-its just to weird for me.
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