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Nanna is finally a Mommy!

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We got 5 2-3 weeks old babies from the shelter today!!
The black one and tabby/calico are girls and the orange and white ones are boys!
No names yet if anyone wants to suggest any!
I think I'm gonna name the white male Indy for Indiana Jones

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Aaaaw so cute! So your cat took to them ok then? She has milk and everything still? I'm so happy for you!
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PS everyone, Nanna is Natty, I call her Natty and my mom calls her Nanna ha

Yeah, she tried to get them out of the carrier before I could! And she was loaded with milk, they are suckling away as I type!
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That is wonderful Good girl Nanna
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I know They have had their fill of milk for now so she's just bathing them and cleaning potty! She's such a natural mommy!
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Nature is amazing. She looks so loving and content. Good for you and for Nanna "Natty".
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I am glad she gets to Nurse Kittens. How about Midnight or Salem for the Black one. How about Simba for the Orange. The father of my Meeko was Orange and named Simba and Cocos son I named Midnight. Are you keeping them or fostering?
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what a wonderful happy ending to what was such a sad beginning.
i am so so pleased for natty and for you, and i wish you both much happiness with your new little family
the kittens look gorgeous, and natty looks so proud
they are probably just a little older than my kitty's 2 week old kittens, so i hope you keep us updated on how they are getting on, then i might know what to expect with our own furbabies, as i'm rather new to keeping kittens, rather than adult cats. (but i am finding the experience simply delicious!! )

you asked for suggestions for names... maybe you could call the other kittens, other character names from the indiana film... MUTT, MAC, OXLEY, IRINA, or MARION.

i have to admit, i don't know anything about the indiana films, as i haven't seen much of them, as they aren't really my type of film, but when i read your post, i had a look on google to find other indiana characters.

i found two more character names, from older indiana films, that i thought were quite nice.. SALLAH and FAYAH.

just some suggestions, but they might give you some ideas!

take care
tracy x
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OMG ... soooo cuuuuute! And wonderful that Natty/Nanna gets to be a mama afterall and help out some needy babies!

That little white one looks like he might have orange/flame points... unless that's just the lighting.
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OH my GOSH! Does that Tabby have Orange LEGS?!?! I am in LOVE What a unique lil cutie!
They are ALL Precious

If it were ME, I'd go with

& Moe

& Indy that you already named

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what cuties! for Natty doing such a good job, too!
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That is so great Nanna gets her kittens and the kittens get their mom. For names here's a few:

White boy: Chinook, Jasper, Blizzard, (and Indy!)
Orange boy: Kingsley, Dune, Sandy, Tangerine
Black girl: Mystic, Manna, Midnight, Manya
Tabby girl: Kenya, Pants, Charlotte, Maple
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Bless your heart for saving the little babies!!! What a happy ending to a such sad beginning! Nanna and the babies look so happy!!!

Are you keeping them or fostering?

Please keep updating with pictures!!!
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Wow....what a heartwarming little story. They all look so content in the pictures!

Big little Raven would be happy that his mom is helping to save so many little friends!
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We're just fostering but I think we've already decided to keep the white male, who is defiantly a flame/red point! And we might keep the black female or one of the orange males. And yes the tabby has orange back legs! She's precious!

They are out of 3 different litters actually, the tabby and black one, the orange and white one, and then the other orange one.

Thanks so much for all the names!! My mom and I are looking them all over unable to decide
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I am sooo happy for you and Natty!!! The babies look so thrilled to have warmth and love! Natty looks like she never skipped a beat and looks so happy to have them. I showed my hubby the's just so exciting and sweet

Have fun with them all!! Lily is 11 days from day 65, but I bet it will be a few days sooner...she's just so huge!
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Yeah I know! She acts like they were hers from day one And if you wanders off and cries, she swats at it and if that doesn't work she gets up and carries it back to bed
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Just wondering, they seem to have drained her milk, is it normal for her to seem empty now? And how will I know if she's producing more if they constantly nurse it out before she can seem full? She's been on kitten food for most of her pregnancy and I know that suddenly having 5 two week olds can be a bit "draining". I'm just worried she won't make more. I gave them all 1/3 a bottle each in hopes of filling them up a bit to let her rest.
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Like my vet said some cats are naturals at mothering. Obviously Natty is. I am so pleased and touched by her story. What an awesome and beautiful girl. I am sure this goes a long way to healing her heart and yours. You absolutely must keep us posted with piccies and updates.
Those kitties are cute.

How about Ravenna for the black girl or Onyx.
For a boy Harrison for obvious reasons.
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Let them nurse as much as possible to stimulate the milk production. If they don't seem satisfied, then you can supplement. It's a balancing act.
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I think we've got the boys named!
White: Indy
Lighter red: Harrison
Dark red: Raven Jr

And for the girls we're still undecided.

I've been bottling them once in the morning and once at night, they seem okay in between, so I guess they're getting some milk.

They are so cute! And very friendly babies since they were bottled from birth til now, but I can defiantly tell they love having a mommy.

The white one and the tabby both had skin conditions from laying in there own fecal matter. It seems to be getting better, they'd already lost the hair in the areas effected, the vet gave me anti fungal stuff to put on there when I brought them home and Natty cleaning them seems to be helping too.
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Awwww. This is such a happy thing to happen. I was concerned for your Natty.
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Well late last night I found a botfly larvae under the tabby's right ear and on the chest of one of the orange ones. I took them to the vet today and they removed them and give the babies a clear for full recovery!

O and the tabby is now Boots
And I think Onyx is the black one!
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What sweet babies! Can we see some updated pics???
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I've already posted them, they're somewhere in the same forum as this post, i think the title is Updated pics of my fosters.
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