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I can drink pepsi if coke is out. Coke tastes perfect. Pepsi tastes weak or something. I dont know what exaclt it is. ha

i can tell what's the difference between coke and pepsi.
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I like Coke too, but I like Pepsi much better!
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Coca Cola, and NOT the flavored ones. Yuck. Coke seems spicier to me than Pepsi. I don't like diet, and I won't drink Pepsi in place of Coke! (And I CAN tell the difference!)

But I don't drink much pop anymore....

Here's a good question: Soda or Pop?

I grew up calling it pop. But now I live in the East, where they call it soda!

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Originally posted by LDG
Here's a good question: Soda or Pop?

I grew up calling it pop. But now I live in the East, where they call it soda!

We just had this discussion at work the other day. Pop in the Midwest, soda in California, and I grew up in the Mid-Atlantic calling all sodas Coke (As in "I'm getting a coke", and coming back with root beer.
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Soda... none of this "pop" stuff for me!
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I call it pop. Ever been somewhere that they call all carbonated beverages Coke? I don't remember where we were, some family vacation, but the waitress asked us if we wanted "Cokes". We said sure, but got really confused when she said "Well, what kind?" This was way before a flavored Coke. Then, a bit frustrated with our ignorance, she explained "We have root beer, Mountain Dew...." etc.
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I call it pop! At the resteraunts here in Canada, they call it pop. When I went to Miami for a modeling competition, the Americans asked if I wanted a soda. Americans say chicken fingers we say chicken strips!
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(diet) pepsi.
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My cousins from Michigan and Rhode Island call it pop, too. I think it's a northern thing.
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That's how we Floridians separate the natives from the transplants... LOL...the moment I hear POP, I know they are from "Up North"—I think it's cute!

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Hey! I'm from the north and I call it soda darnit! :tounge2:
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Dr Pepper!

Er, but if I have to pick between Coke or Pepsi, I choose Vanilla Coke. But I usually drink Dr Pepper or Diet Sprite.

I only let myself have pop on the weekends, or else I would be a pop addict. :tounge2:
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ROTFL! jgaruba: I forgot all about "Soda." Yep! "Soda" falls into the same category as "Pop"—it's still a northern thing to say. LOL.

Example: Me at lunch with my friend Kerry from Indiana:
Waiter: "Can I get you something to drink?"
Me: "Sure, I'll have a Coke"
Kerry: "Sure, I'll have a Pop"
Waiter: "So, do you want a Coke?"


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I used to be a diet Pepsi fanatic, but now it's diet 7up for me. I am trying to keep off the caffiene so I am on the clear pop kick and I've never been big on sugar in pop so I like most all diet pops.
Anyone heard of it being called sodi? I've heard people call it pop, soda, and sodi around here.
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a sodi pop sounds very old fashioned...

krazy kat2, Deb25 and Heidi have you ever had the genuine russian flavoured vodka called Stoli's Vanilla? It came out way before Bacardi came out with a vanilla versian. And there is a difference between these two. I will always pick Stoli's over Bacardi vanilla. We always keep one in the freezer. It's SOOO good with whatever kind of pop you like. Coke IS better though. Although I rarely drink it anymore. I prefer ginger ale.
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Having grown up in PA, I say "soda" (and "taffy" for a lollipop). My nieces and nephews are growing up in the Midwest, and say "pop" (and "sucker"). My British colleagues say "soda pop". They also call an "eraser" a "rubber", which obviously can lead to some misunderstandings, as can the difference between "sick" and "ill" in British English.
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I grew up in Ohio, and we called it "pop", here in california it is soda.
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jcat - that's so weird to hear 'taffy' for 'lollipop'... I've never heard that before, and I've lived in PA my whole life...
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Forget "pop" (seeing as i'm up north here) I'm going for the caffine so it's COFFEE for me, please. Dali:blossom:
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Honey pepsi and coke have caffiene!
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I like Vanilla Coke then Coke Classic.
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I say soda but my mom says pop,but she all so says ice box for the fridge. Here in wisconsin a drinking fountian is called a bubbler.
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I know they both have caffine BUT did you know that if you put a tooth in a cup of coke over night in the morning it will be dissolved. Or that you can use coke to clean your rims on the car, I guess it eats away the grease, because you can use it on the engine too. Or if you put a T-bone steak in coke it will eat away at it. I found all this stuff out at the gym, it was posted by what is better to drink coke or water? Personally, if any kinda pop does that I'll only sacrifice my body if alcohol is involved. My favorite is Dr.Pepper with Captain Morgan parrot bay in it, you can't even tell there's booze it tastes SOOOO GOOOOD!!!! Dali:blossom:
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I used to be sooo addicted to diet coke. It was almost the only thing I drank. It turned out to be causing most of my headaches, though, so I had to stop. Withdrawl headaches are terrible!!
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Oh I hear ya there!! I stopped drinking Diet Coke a little while ago because the caffeine affects my heart murmur and I have been having HORRIBLE withdrawal headaches.

Between Pepsi and Coke though, I gotta say Coke- Pepsi is like carbonated syrup , bleck!!
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It could have been the nutrasweet that you had trouble withdrawing from - I am allergic. If you look at a package of Sweet and Low it says only use on the advice of a physicion - nasty chemicals!
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Wow!! I didn't know that

I have a friend who's allergic to aspartame, and if he drinks even a few mouthfuls of diet pop he gets a smashing headache.

Maybe I should try regular Coke, I don't recall having this problem before I switched to Diet Coke as a weight loss aid.
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Aspertame, Nutra Sweet and Sweet and Low are all basically the same thing. Helps with weight loss, but nasty for your system!
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I heard it has cancer causing agents in it- thats what made me give it up a week ago or so.
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