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Pepsi or Coke?

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We need some more post,so here is one'
Can you tell if it is Pepsi or Coke? I can! I have been drinking Pepsi for 30 years!Yep,if I don't have it, I go in to withdrawel! Any body else?
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Oh my, COKE all the way! I can't stand Pepsi, and yes, I can definitely tell the difference. I don't like when people think you can't tell the difference btw the two - they are like night and day!

And don't you hate it when a restaurant will say "we have coke instead of pepsi, is that ok?" and then look at you all annoyed when you say "NO, that isn't ok at all!"! (well for me it's the other way around)
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I live in Atlanta, GA. We're the Coke capital . . . lol. I can tell the difference. I don't really like Coke or Pepsi, though . . . too many bubbles. Orange Soda and Mello Yello are OK.

BTW, has anyone ever been to the Coke Museum down here? I grew up near it, so we went there for field trips in grade school.
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That happened today! Ted & I went out for lunch and when I ordered pepsi,she said all we have is coke is that ok? I said NO I WILL HAVE A WATER!!! ,ya I know what you mean!LOLLike I won't know the difference!
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COKE! Pepsi tastes like carbonated syrup to me

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Definitely PEPSI for me:tounge2:. We have a COKE machine at work, so before I go in to work I stop at a convience store and buy a PEPSI 20 oz.
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If they don't serve coke we have iced tea. Pepsi is too sweet! (Yes even Diet Pepsi)
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Neither! I really don't drink soda at all, unless there is some rum involved. In that case, either!
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I don't drink soda anymore, but I was a coke girl ALL the way. I do occasionally have a diet vanilla coke.
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Deb25, I am the same way. Have you tried rum and Vanilla Coke? Yummy!!!!
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Since I started drinking only diet sodas, I have to say, Diet Vanilla Coke is my absolute favorite... Diet Cherry Coke isn't bad either, but the vanilla... I actually like it better than the non-diet sort... it's more vanilla-y
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as long as it is diet....remember those blindfolded taste tests? I am pretty sure that I wouldn't know the difference!
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Pepsi for me, too. Coke has a slight bite to it that I don't like at all. I will drink Coke if there is no Pepsi, but it's not the same.

But my favorite soda is Stewart's Key Lime. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find around here.

And a few years ago, Pepsi came out with a variety called Pepsi Kona, which was a coffee cola, and it was AWESOME! Unfortunately, it was only out for less than a year before they discontinued it.
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I've never heard of Pepsi Kona... ooohhhhh, I wish they'd bring back a diet form so I could at least try it...
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I'm a Coke girl myself. Diet Coke really. I can definitely tell the difference.

Speaking of rum and....have you guys had the new(ish) Vanilla Bacardi? Of course, the easy way to do it at home is with Vanilla Coke, but at the bar they don't have Vanilla Coke. It is so good!!!!
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PEPSI is way better than Coke! My favorite pop is A&W Rootbeer!
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I was a Mountain Dew girl before I started working to become more healthy. So now all I drink is water, orange juice (at breakfast for Vita C), and the occasional diet pepsi or diet coke (but VERY rarely).

Since I've started drinking more water, my teeth have gotten whiter, my hair shinier, and my skin prettier!
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PepsiMax for me thank you!
And yes, I can tell the difference too, as Coke doesn't taste anything at all
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I have to say (sorry) that I find both Coke AND Pepsi undrinkable. I'm not big on fizzy drinks at all infact - occasionally I'll drink soda with white wine or bitter lemon with vodka.

Do those of you that have a preference put it down to just the taste of the drink or is it more a case of what you grew up drinking - just wondering . . . ?
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With me it is the taste,I did't start drinking Pepsi intill I was 18!
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I don't remember drinking soda as a kid. I was a big Hi-C and juice drinker back then.

I wish I could wean myself from soda, I know I would drop some of this excess weight quickly if I did. I do drink 2 liters of water a day, but I can't seem to drink anything but soda with a meal.
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I don't drink soda anymore for the past year or so, but when I did it was COKE for sure! I do occasionally indulge in a diet coke, and I do prefer that to diet pepsi.
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I like them both and buy whichever one is on sale. Right now, Coke is $3.99/case. That'll last me a couple of months.

My main drink is water. I probably go through 1/2 gallon, per day and more, in the summer. With our 100+ temps, its a necessity.
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Soda's bad man!!!

I do not really drink any carbonated beverages. The carbonation hurts my throat, A LOT it makes it burrrrrn.
I do however like a sip of Red Fusion, or Code Red now and then. It's ok.

All that caffeine will give you kidney stone yo! :tounge2:
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I'm a Diet Coke girl, actually I prefer Diet Lemon Coke. For me, it's a taste thing. Pepsi has a metalic taste that I don't like. If I have a choice, I'll take Fresca.
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Coke all the way for me..I cannot stand Pepsi..
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I always call Coke the "elixar of the gods" I am addicted to the stuff. Thanks - now I have to get some on break - I am trying to cut back!
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Diet Coke


Diet Pepsi

(I prefer Pepsi - but will drink either!)

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I usually drink Diet Coke, but will also drink Diet Pepsi. I very rarely drink the regular stuff, and if that's all that's available, I definitely prefer Coke, because Pepsi is awfully sweet. They don't sell the Vanilla or Cherry Coke over here. What I really miss is rootbeer/birchbeer and Diet Dr.Pepper! Whenever I'm back in the States, the first thing I do is buy a case of each. The Germans drink something called a "Spezi", which is half cola and half orange soda - that's one thing I just can't drink!
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