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Hey guys, I've had my kitten for about a month now and it's been using the litter box pretty well when it's OUTSIDE my room. It would go to it fine and do its business but when I let it in my room to play and whatnot, it always pees somewhere. Maybe it gets excited in my room because its usually running around and messing with my stuff. What should I do?

I've heard of Feliway, should I purchase it?
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Do you have a second litterbox in your bedroom? If not, put a second box in there.
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I think it would be disgusting if I did that, cat feces in the same room where I sleep; plus, my room has carpet floor.
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you have to decide whether having a second litter box is more or less disgusting than pee on your carpet. Atleast you can keep the litter box in a sanitary condition.
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Should I purchase Feliway? Would it solve this problem?
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How old is your kitten? And how far away is the litter box from your room? If she's very young, it could be she does get excited and 'forgets' about having to go until it's too late and the box is too far to get to quickly. Also, re carpeting, one possible solution is to get one of those plastic pads you put under office chairs - fairly inexpensive for the size and then any accidents/loose litter is on the plastic, not your carpet. I have a second litter box in my 2nd bedroom/den, and that's what I did.

Don't forget to clean your bedroom rug thoroughly with an enzyme cleaner - otherwise, poor baby will keep returning to the 'scene of the crime', just because it still smells like litter box to her. Good luck - I know from experience it can be a disheartening process when there are box issues.
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My kitten is about 8 weeks and the litter box is in my kitchen. I think that really is the problem.
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I suggest a second box at least temporarily until the kitty gets better control. As for "sleeping with waste," just scoop before you go to sleep as kittens usually don't do much during the night time (at least in my experience.)
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Gross as it may seem I think a second box in your bedroom (or just outside) would be a good solution until the kitten is a little older then you can gradually move it closer to the kitchen eventually getting rid of it all together. 8 weeks is also kind of young to be away from mom so it might help if you encourage her to use the box by putting her in it right after she eats and also before and after any big play session. This should help reduce her accitents.
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i agree, 2nd box in/near the bedroom for now.
as far as grossness - i'd NEVER have one in the kitchen! but i have 3 in my bedroom closet. just shows how different people are, doesn't it!
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I personally think it is grosser to have the box in the kitchen then in my room. If you keep it clean, it shouldn't be a issue in your bedroom, we have one in ours for our kitten and she actually uses that one the most over the one in the bathroom
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We had one in our bedroom for the first 6 months we had Jack--never grossed me out--a litter box kept clean isn't gross to me.

We also had litterboxes in the kitchen for 2 months but we are now transitioning to the basement--very slowly for the sake of the new kitty.

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Agree with everyone else, but wanted to add that if you feed a good quality food, you won't get much odour from the litter pan making it more bearable to have in the bedroom or kitchen.
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