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question about pregnancy (human)

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Hopefully this doesn't make me worry more.

I need advice from people who have been through this before. I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and I've been bleeding (moderately heavy) since yesterday. I had a Dr.'s appointment yesterday, and he checked me out. He basically told me that if I continue bleeding for several days, and my cramps keep up (they were very strong- worse than period cramps, but are gone today), that it might be something to worry about. Of course, the first thought is "miscarriage", which is a VERY scary thought.
Has anyone been through this before? Does it mean I've lost the baby? This is my first pregnancy.

PLEEEAASE tell me there's hope the baby's ok!!!
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I've never been pregnant (going in for my first prenatal today!!) so I have no idea, but I wanted to send GREAT HEALTHY BABY VIBES your way!

I really hope your little one is healthy! Keep us updated, please!!
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I've never been pregnat either, but lots of and are comming your way from over here!
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Sending lots of vibes your way hunni!

Hope everything is okay!
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Ok, is that 6 weeks from the first day of your last period? I don't want to alarm you but I was pregnant early this year and at 12 weeks (from last period) I miscarried. Durring the week I had some very mild cramps and low back pain. I attributed it to the child growing insinde of me... they grow so quickly that it seemed a reasonable explaniation. Then Saturday morning DH and I made love and he noticed I was spotting. Ok, that happens... nothing topanic about. But the bleeding got progressivly worse. I contaced the on-call Dr. for the weekend and he told me to call back monday to schedule an ultrasound. In the mean time my spotting turned to bleeding. Monday I called and they got me in the next morning and did a vaginal ultrasound. There was no heartbeat. I had miscarried. Another 2 days later I went to the hospital and had a D&C done. Once I know whats happening with my job we're going to try again and I'm actually going to take a test this weekend just in case.

My intuition told me Sunday that my spotting wasn't normal. I was pretty prepared for the news Tuesday but it still broke my heart. What does your intuition say? If your that worried about it call the Dr. back and see if they can/will do an ultrasound to see what's going on. I don't know if it's too early but it can't hurt to ask.

If you need to talk more privately feel free to PM me and you can ask me anything you want!
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Everyone is different, but I had 2 periods when I was first pregnant. Seemingly normal, heavy ones. It may be that you have miscarried, but you may be one of us like happened with me. I know a girl that never missed one her whole pregnancy. I hope you will be ok.
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I've always heard that bleeding in and of itself in early pregnancy is within the norm, but if there is cramping along with it, it isn't such a good sign. Unfortunately, time will tell in your case, and of course I wish the best outcome.

As for myself, I had a little bleeding early in my pregnancy. No cramping, and all was fine.

Hang in there!
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While i was pregnant last year. I had severe cramping, the cramping caused me not being able to walk, and wanting me to curl in a ball. FH became very concerned, i did end up having one day with really sticky bleeding and then stopped. Went to the doctor and it was ectopic, went to the clinic a few days later to remove it. It was the worst and best day of my life.

You will know if there is something wrong because the cramping is much much much much much more severe than any period pain or indigestion.
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My s-i-l had frequent fairly heavy episodes of bleeding for the first three months of her first pregnancy. Then it suddenly stopped. My niece was fine.
I had an episode of heavy bleeding at 8 weeks. I was a high risk pregnancy (only half of my uterus developed normally), so I had pretty much talked myself into accepting that I was losing the baby. The doctor found a polyp on my cervix, something seen in much older women. Once it was removed, the bleeding stopped in 24 hours. My son was a month early, but that wasn't releated to the bleeding.
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I had some of symptoms you described (no cramps or pain) and it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. Please tell your doctor you need an ultrasound. Sending lots of healthy baby vibes! Let us know how it goes.
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I hope everything turns out ok for you.
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Unfortunately it can go either way. Prepare yourself just in case, but hope for good news. Get in to see your doc ASAP if you haven't already.
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I did that twice and never had Kids. Never could get pass two months. I hope your baby is ok. I wanted kids but it didnt happen.
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Many healthy baby vibes coming your way!

Definitely see your doctor asap. I will tell you about a girl I work with. She noticed she was gaining weight and her periods were heavier and more painful than normal but she didn't go get it checked out, she figured it was just a cycle of her body. Well, she finally went and go checked out and they said she was probably 6 months pregnant but they won't know until they did an untrasound. She went in for that, and the doctor said she was further along than that. They gave her a month for the due date. She had the baby 2 weeks later. A healthy 6lb 8oz girl. She only knew she was pregnant for 3 weeks!

So, don't get yourself stressed out yet. Her body reacted differently to pregnancy than most women do. But, definitely get an ultrasound asap.
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Ive had that exact thing happen... Once with Jacob my 2 year old son and it was that early too, on thanksgiving I started bleeding and cramping badly, went to ER and they did an ultra sound immediatly (the vaginal ultra sound) and they couldn't find a heartbeat, the DR was getting ready to do a D&C and then said, well Lets do another ultra sound in a week and then schedule the D&C, a week later there WAS a heartbeat! I was more than prepared for the worst! I also had some miscarriages, the first one was the worst of course!
But we're not thinking thats whats going to happen to you! We're our fingers for a healthy baby for you and sending MEGA BABY !!!
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I did that twice and never had Kids. Never could get pass two months. I hope your baby is ok. I wanted kids but it didnt happen.
Same here. My three are all adopted . My friend has five boys, she had bleeding and cramping with all of them. I hope you baby is alright
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A lot of women have at least a little bit of spotting early on in pregnancy. Just continue thinking positively and keep in touch with your obstetrician, but if it gets really bad go back to the doctor.

I agree with everyone, miscarriages are more noticeable for the pain than for the bleeding.
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