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Possible Food Poisoning

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I think I might have food poisoning...again. I had it about 4 times last year but have been good for the last about 6 months until last night. I ran to the store and spent my last 14 dollars on some roticery chicken and other stuff. It was pre-sliced chicken and I assumed precooked so I just ate it out of the packaging with out zapping it in the microwave first. About 11:30 last night I started to feel very nauseated so I made my way to the bathroom where I stayed for about an hour. Very inhuman things were coming out of my body and then I decided to go to bed. All last night my stomach was making gurgling noises and again today when I was in class I had to RUN to the bathroom.

So could this be from undercooked chicken or what could this be?
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Could very well be food poisoning. But, since you say it happens pretty often, it may just be the food disagreeing with your stomach, and not food poisoning.

I have a very, very sensitive stomach, and totally random things will make my stomach do that. Maybe yours is sensitive sometimes?

Things you might want to look at, thay my doctors have tried to diagnose me with: IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ulcers, allergies and stress. All those things, my doctors have said, could cause that type of stomach upset.

If it happens frequently, you may want to talk to a doctor!

Whether it is food poisoning or something else, I hope it passes quickly, that is no fun!!
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It was probably the chicken Get well soon!
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If you had GI issues they'd definitely make themselves known more than 4 or 5 times a year.

You're a guy right? In my experience... guys don't always pay attention to dates on the food and tend to eat anything that "smells good". So that may be why you keep getting food poisoning - that or just plain bad luck.
Stay well hydrated and maybe be careful what you eat for a couple days. Nothing too sugary, too high in fat, high fiber (raw veggies), or spicy - in other words, easy to digest stuff. That should give your GI tract and stomach a break if there is any inflammation.
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If you're regularly eating pre-cooked things from grocery-store delis, you could very easily be getting food-poisoned that often -- those places are notorious for letting food sit around at too low a temperature, giving bacteria time to grow. Even a fast-food place is generally safer, because at least their food doesn't tend to sit around quite so long.

I'll bet if you start avoiding grocery-store deli food, or at least heating it up very thoroughly before you eat it, this probably won't happen so often. I'm sorry you feel so bad!
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And this place is HORRIBLE with their food dates...a couple of times I have found cucumbers with maggets coming out of them still sitting on their shelves. And don't even get me started on their meats...3 days after being sliced and they have to be thrown out. I really shouldn't shop their but the next closest place is about a half an hour away one way so thats an hour in the car.

I kind of just assumed the chicken was cooked all the way but it could have still been raw. It tasted fine going down but one never knows.
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Where do you live? have you had any tomatoes lately? idk if its all around the country but we're having an outbreak of salmonella poisoning from tomatoes. i know it isnt just pennsylvania that is having this problem. it could be the chicken, but the first thing i thought of was tomatoes, since its going around in my area. i hope you feel better...
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for recovery, use the BRAT diet - bananas, rice, applesauce & tea. it'll help calm things down, plus replace potassium [key loss during diarrhea & vomiting].
& buy food elsewhere!
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It sounds like store you shop in needs to be reported to your local health department ASAP. They have absolutely no business selling expired food! Also, always check packaged meats and etc for the sell by date, and always check the packaging to see if the meat actually is fully cooked, don't just assume that it is.
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Yikes!!! Knock on wood I have never got food poisoning... I would go to a different store! I hope you are feeling better!
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