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Drive, usually.

Would you rather listen to your iPod/mp3 player or the radio?
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MP3 player, for sure. I can't stand all the yapping on the radio.

Would you rather talk on the phone or text?
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Text, I hate talking on the phone usually.

Would you rather work during the day or night?
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WYR eat snails or eat squid?
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I'd rather the squid. Escargot is gross.

Would you rather have a stomach virus or a cold?
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WYR be too hot or too cold
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Too hot....I hate being cold.

Would you rather eat Russian salad dressing or French?
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Blue cheese or ranch dressing?
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Blue cheese.

Soup or salad?
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nuts or dried fruit
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Milk or juice?
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Originally Posted by Alison Joy View Post
Milk or juice?

Chocolate milk, or regular milk?
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chocolate milk by a long shot

Lip gloss or lip stick
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