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Cat Asthma? Experiences Please!

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What I thought was a stuck hairball turns out to be asthma in my poor kitty, Max. Anyone else been through this? Could you tell me about your experience? Treatments? Anything? Thanks!!
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Coco has Asthma and she just got a inhaler. We were doing Depo Shots and pred pills. They were causing her to get Bladder Infections. What do you want to know about Asthma? Coco has the Aerokat with the mask and the inhaler is Flovent. I can help you with anything you need to know.
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Thanks so much! My hubby took Max to the vet this morning and they are doing the x-rays and such now, but the doc said she heard wheezing.

Since I'm not there, I'm having a fit. Is the treatment on an as needed basis or all the time? Poor Max has been doing this for a few weeks and I just thought it was a hairball. IT seems to have just started up and he's 7 years old. Did you have to change anything? Litter? Food? I have 2 other cats, so any change upsets the entire crew!!
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I use Yesterdays Mews for her litter. Your Cat can still have the same food. Coco has to have C/D and Royal Canin Urinary because she has Bladder Problems. She is 16 now and has had Asthma for years. I would try not to feed foods with fish though. What do you feed him? Caly litters are bad for Cats with Asthma. We were doing Depo Shots whe her athma acts up and Pred Pills. she was not on them everyday. What kind of Cat is he? Certain breeds are more prone to Asthma.
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There is one website which has been running since 2001, where I'm sure you will find all kinds of's here.

Many people who find themselves faced with a chronic condition like this find great comfort and practical help available from other pet parents who are already dealing with the same thing. You might want to consider joining them online and just reading the back-and-forths...have a "test-drive", so to speak, and see if it might be helpful. Then, if or when you're comfortable, you could pose your questions to the group. I've personally learned very much from another such specialized group.

There is one large group here, and a smaller one here which is an offshoot of the website I gave you.
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There is also another Group if your Cat needs a Inhaler. I was invited to it a few days ago and they are very helpful. The Mgr is the Mgr of the other Group she posted. I am in all of the Groups she posted. The site with Fritz I have used for years.
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Wellington has been asthmatic since he was six months old and he is three now. He started on prednisone and once he stopped having daily attacks we reduced the dose gradually so now he has one quarter tablet every two or three days, which controls the asthma. If he does have an attack, which is rare now, I give him an extra dose for a day or two to reduce inflammation. I am careful about house dust and pollen, though I have never identified the triggers with him. Some cats have obvious causes, like time of year or dust or food allergies, so you need to try and monitor any triggers and remove them. Good luck, it is distressing, but usually it can be controlled.
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My cat has asthma and I'd been giving her 1/2 of a 5mg prednisolone every day, which worked. Lately I've cut back to every other day, perhaps because she's using a prescription diet without cornmeal or wheat. Or maybe she's just improved. Anyway, it's extremely rare to hear her coughing at all these days.
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patchy has asthma but fortunately does not have to take anything for it unless it gets worse. every now and then she will have an attack and scare me half to death. (i have asthma myself so i know what shes going thru) ive been tempted to give her a hit off my inhaler lol
usually when she has an attack, shes asleep and it wakes her up--she snores something terrible.
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