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Injured Paw

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Okay,before I go on...I am just curious,how long does it take for a sore paw to heal???

Hatchet got stuck in a glue trap a few days ago (don't worry ALL glue/snap trpas are gone now,they were out of the way in the cupboard,but he managed to get in the cupboard anyway).We manged to get the glue trap off with some oil and dish soap.There was no blood,cuts or anything.He seemed perfectly fine.

Just the other day I noticed Hatchet was limping a little.So I checked his back paw and there is no cuts,blood,scratches...nothing! So I am thinking his paw is just a little sore.It doesn't seem like an emergency,as he is eating fine and puts weight on it sometimes,other times he does hold it up.

So what I wonder is should I wait another day or two,see if it gets better or should he go to the vet? It don't seem to be infected or anything like that,just tender.Like I said,it is not an emergency.If it was,I wouldn't be here asking.I would already be at the vet.
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It just sounds sore to me.

About 4 months ago I managed to step on our Jack's paw. He was in no apparent pain but was limping occasionally (no apparent pain meaning he was running, playing, climbing the cat tree etc). I waited a week before we went to the vet, they said he was fine--gave him some pain meds and by the next day was back to himself.

I really never would have taken him if I wasn't the one who inflicted the pain and felt very responsible. To be honest I think he only limped around me to make me feel even worse about what I did.

In my opinion I would call the vet, ask their opinion and go from there. Mine told me not to rush to them because of the paw--they said to give a few days and see how he did.

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Awwww.Poor Jack.

I always fear stepping on Hatchet one day and really harming him,as he is always underfoot and one time I stepped on him pretty hard!

Okay,I am gonna give them a call and see what they say.
I am hoping it is nothing serious,I really don't think it is.My mom agrees with me.But I am gonna call the vet anyway.
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oh, the damage i have inflicted on my children!
i've stepped on Cable many times - she just won't learn not to sit immediately behind me/throw herself down onto the floor in front of me [in the dark, WHILE i'm walking!], etc.
i've also stepped on Chip, but he keeps out of my way now - he's an cat!
one night, i ran smack dab into Firefox [it was dark]. she now runs away from me if i'm in motion! [even when it's not dark, & i can see her just fine!]
oh, well - at least 2 have learned from their experiences!
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Well, I sat on my cat.......not a full-fledged 'sit' because as soon as I felt something, I immediately stood up......Max was a silent cat....and in my sewing room he would come in and lay down....just to wait until I got out of the chair to get something, iron..whatever....and sure enough...I didn't even notice him in the room. I got up to get something and almost sat right back down again...and guess what...that's all the time it took for him to hop up into the chair....right into the warm spot. What a kittie....

I learned to look before I sat after that.....LOL....
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I brought Hatchet to the vet yesterday.
He was still really tender and not putting weight on his paw.

Anyway the vet took some x-rays and there are no sprains,breaks or fractures...THANKFULLY.There was glue from the trap stuck all over his fur and leg and it was pinching him,plus he does have bit of a tender leg.Anyway the vet put stuff on to loosen the little bit of excess glue and then they had to shave his leg.While shaving his leg,he hated being restrained and because the glue was so close to his skin,they shaved abit of his skin off!

Anyway he is now on pills for pain and some cream for his leg,so it heals and won't get infected.He also has to wear an E-collar! Heh.He is not too impressed about that! But he was chewing/licking at his leg and we don't want infection!

He'll be fine!

I have to say tho,he was MUCH better then I expected.He purred the whole way to the vet (even in his carrier - which he loves) and at the vet he was purring and lobing the attention.The dogs that came in didn't phase him either,since he is used to dogs (I foster...so dogs come and go all the time).The only thing he hated was when the vet was restraining him and picking at his leg.But otherwise he was fine.The vet did not phase him one bit! Thats good.This was his first vet visit.He is going to be nuetered soon,but now I know he won't freak out.

Oh and the vet visit only cost me $155 for everything.I thought it would be more! So yay!
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