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Random things they eat that the shouldn't?

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So I know that my cats have tastes for certain things they should not be eating. I was wondering who else has this problen?

Levi: Kleenex (he will eat new, but perfers used )
Jordan: Q-tips
Isaac: Bills, especially if the envelope has a window. (I'm not kidding he chews on them all the time)
Maggie: Well she is a princess and as a proper little princess she does not eat anything but cat food.
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Oh gosh, it seems like our cats will eat pretty much anything. Paddington constantly eats leaves that are dragged in (which is not that weird) but he also loves toilet paper (not used of course, just fresh off the roll). He also loves to nibble on receipts. I dropped a few frozen peas on the ground a few days ago, and just as I was getting ready to vacuum them up, in came Paddington to eat them. Silly boy.

Conor doesn't quite eat these, but she has a strange obsession with chillies. I cook with a lot of chillies, so at first we didn't notice the missing ones in our produce bowl. But then, I caught her rolling around with one on the floor and then noticed that there were loads of chillies spread out all over the floor. She hasn't eaten one (yet!) but we still keep them under tight wraps now.

Steve has a very light appetite. Cat food is enough for him (even then he can barely finish his allocated amount).
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For Non-Food items, Spooky likes to chew on used q-tips and paper money (this is very bad…) and dirty socks. He will go into the trash and laundry for stuff, but thankfully he has yet to steal any money from my purse.

For Food stuff he shouldn’t eat, he likes French fries from Checkers and lima beans. He actually will steal the French fries so you have to watch him, the lima beans he only eats if you give them to him.
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Yeah I just remembered, mine are not allowed to play with milk rings because the chew them up & eat them. Isaac likes rubber bands, but I am SUPER careful now.
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Capone is pretty good (He’s my precious good boy) Bugsy on the other hand who is a huge handful loves to eat plastic bags. He obsesses over them, so we are always careful on grocery day. Other then that they are pretty good. Actually now that I think about it someone has been eating our leather couch (much to my boyfriends happiness Lol).
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Sho used to try to eat anything that was on the floor - rocks, grass, pieces of dirt. I once tackled him and pried his mouth open because he was trying to eat a screw. Another time DH was scooping a hot brownie out of the pan and dropped some on the floor - Sho instantly ran over and snatched it up. Again I was on him in half a second and prying his mouth open. He still tries to eat hair off the floor.

Tomas likes wire (not wire as in electrical wires), I'm not sure if he'll eat it but I never want to find out.
The other day I broke some saucers (left in bad spot - I didn't see them), as I was picking them up he ran over and grabbed a piece. I heard "crunch crunch" behind me, jerked around and instantly pried open his mouth and reached in to see what he had - a piece of saucer. He, too, eats hair - or tries too.

I keep stuff up out of their reach 99% of the time (can't help the hair, I shed), so far no one has actually ate anything bad.
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Although I've been careful not to leave out edible-things or potential items within my cat's reach, couple of times I've caught her eating lint from carpet that she scratched off. I also once caught her eating a piece of poo that dropped when she jumped out from litter box... I know it is a big NO-NO but I was too late to stop her...
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There is not a telephone book in my house with all of it's pages. My cats feel the need to destroy any and all telephone books.
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Java seems to want my cigarettes [i'm VERY careful] they're menthols.
Chip likes plastic - like grocery bags, etc.
the others seem content w/food items, tho!
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Draco (tom) loves q-tips, and diving into plastic bags. I make sure he doesn't ingest anything but it's cute to watch him play. ^_^
Psyche (queen) loves chewing on leaves, paper, and plastic bags, which we always take away from her immediately. Much to her chagrin.
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Paddington loves to eat hair as well! I just remembered that one. I caught him yesterday (while I was cleaning) trying to eat one of my sewing pins. Had a bit of a freak-out about that one. I am usually very careful with them, but one of them probably fell off the table from before we got the kittens.

One of Alf's (my husband) family cats had a thing about cigarettes. My brother-in-law rolls his own and she used to sniff and lick his fingers whenever he came in from having one. She was also obsessed with mint tea. When you made a cup, you had to watch it like a hawk, because she would stick her head in your cup and just sit like that for ages.
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Catsby discovered peanut M&M's after one fell of the coffee table- had to snatch it quick. She also likes to lick my roommates sandals for whatever reason.....
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