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Cat doors indoors

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My cat sleeps in the bedroom but I keep it open all night so she has access to her litter box. Ideally I'm thinking of putting those flap cat doors on my bedroom door and the door of the room with the litter box. Wondering if people have done this... or have other suggestions? I'm getting a flatmate soon and I prefer to keep my bedroom door closed when I'm sleeping half naked or dressing up!
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Not a bad idea.
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I think it’s a great idea. My boyfriend and I were going to do that when we got our dog so our cats could have a room to themselves to relax and feel safe in. The dog ended up not really caring to harass the cats and being a very calm puppy, so we just use a baby gate. But I personally think it’s a great idea, you get your privacy and he can run in and out.
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That is a brilliant idea!
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I put one of these in a linen closet door when I first moved into my house. The closet is rather large and that is where I was keeping the litter box originally. Unfortunately my cat never could figure out how to push the flap since the magnet that held it down was a bit strong, so I just propped the cat door open all the time. I liked it because that way it gave some air exchange so the closet didn't build up with litter smell. Cats will choose to go elsewhere if that starts happening which is why I can't use a closed litter box. I say go for it!
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If you can find it, get one of the pet doors that can be locked so that if you have to keep your cat in the bedroom for any reason (strangers over, front door may be left open, etc) you won't have to worry about the cat getting out.
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My sister has an internal cat door going into the laundry where the litter boxes are kept. She originally put it in where her child started crawling to keep him out of the boxes.
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Yes we have done this. We put a cat door in the door that leads to the laundry room as that is where the litterbox and cat food is and it keeps the dogs out of it.
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I have been thinking about doing this too, on the door to the bathroom where the litter boxes are kept. It would just put my mind at ease that the kitties won't be able to get to their boxes if my kids forgot and left the door closed or something.
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I am in the process of moving litter boxes to our basement but was unsure what to do about the basement door. I didn't really want it left open all the time, and I didn't want to risk it getting closed with either cats in the basement or upstairs without a litter box. Since we rent, Hubby and I are going to take the basement door off and replace it with one we bought and add the cat door to it. So when we move we can replace the old door without damage.

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I think you have a great solution. I have a cat flap between my main house and the sun room. It was easy to get them to use it - I started by tieing the flap up so that they could walk thru without hitting the rubber part. Once they were used to doing that, I dropped down the flap. I have the flap because the sun room is not heated or air conditioned and I don't want the rest of the house to absorb the temperature of that room.
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