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Bike Riding!

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Oooook so I know that riding a bike is good for the environment, good for one's health and fuel efficient - also our Mayor of London Mr. Boris Johnson, rides a bike to and from work and to and from meetings (what's up with that... a bike riding mayor?? ) BUT I've just had some plonker come to my desk and ask if I'm interested in getting involved in the "Ride a bike to work Campaign!".

Now I know I work in the heart of Government but seriously, why on earth would I even consider riding a bike to work ... I live an hour and a half train ride away from the office - I'd have to leave at 4am to ride into work for 8:30! I hardly make the 7:00 train in most mornings... imagine me getting up and dressed ready to ride my silly folding bike (bought on the behalf of the deparment for personal use) into work wearing a skirt and heels? ok so maybe he wasn't actually saying I should ride my bike the whole way to work, just part of it... but still what is the point of that when I've got a yearly train ticket that I won't take full advantage of because the train I get is central and it's a short walk from the station - 5 minutes - to the office"

Sometimes I despair!
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I bought a bike last week but the nearest small town is 2.5 miles away and I have ridden to the video store but other stores are over 10 miles one way. So I bought it more for an alternate to wallking for exercise. I read somewhere that in the US for instance if you have a long commute drive your vehicle part of the way and bike the rest. I posed that question to my husband and he laughed!
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