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New kitten advice please

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Hi all
I have two cats Santa aged 9 (male) and Wilma aged 8 (female).
We aquired a new kitten last week, she's 9 weeks today. We have had her for 7 days, and Wilma is just not liking her at all. Santa will tollerate her, but Wilma is actually scared. Her eyes go all wide and she cant settle anywhere in the house, she has spent most of the time outside, last night we had to put the new kitten (molly) into the living room and close the door so Wilma would come in the house as it was raining and she wouldnt come in.
I am feeling like it was a bad move getting the new kitten, we have said we should give it a month and see if Wilma changes and stops being scared, otherwise we might have to consider rehoming Molly.
Any ideas? Should be expect Wilma to stop being scared anytime soon?
Thanks in advance
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It sounds like you just introduced the cats immediately when you first brought Molly home. Is that correct? If so, you'll need to start over with the introduction process and go slowly, waiting until your resident cats seem comfortable before proceeding to the next step. I would suggest reading the following article:

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Just so you have lots of info, my cat (1yr)was introduce to the new kitten the night we brought her home and in a few days they were snuggling. Granted they still play a little rough for my comfort level, but no hissing or growling just lots of grooming each other and love now that it has been a week. Most cats do not do well meeting so soon. Make sure they each have their own comfort spaces alone available. My new kitten has a room the other cat just won't go in, so they get a small break now and then from each other. I hope in time they'll like each other.

I'd give it a couple months before rehoming Molly if you can.
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You need to go slow and give it time. When I got Sasha Stormy tried to kill her. They ended up friends after a while. Then when I got Oreo she was the same way but she had to be pts 2 weeks later from kidney failure at age 5. She would have been Oreos friend. When I got Sasha and Oreo I let them with Coco when we got home. Coco took them as her own the first day. Meeko was no problem either. Sasha hissed and hid when Oreo came and now they are good friends. I am sure your Cat will be ok with her later on. Yoshi my only Male was mean to both of them but he did tolerate them. He was dying though.
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