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playing with food

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Wow, I just realized how long it has been since my last post, anyhow.....good to be back.

Macy, who is almost 1 year old, LOOOOVES to play with her dry food. She picks up a kibble or two with her paw and then bats it around our tiny apartment. She looks so determined and engrossed at these moments. It is not a boredom factor, she has her sister to play with, she gets at least 1 session of interactive play on a daily basis, AND she has plenty of toys. So, when she is not sleeping or engaged in one of the activities just mentioned can almost guarantee Macy is playing with her food. At first it seemed as if she was treating each morsel as if it was "prey" that she had to hunt and attack before eating. Back then, there wasn't much food left on the floor, when she was finished chasing it around the room. But, more recently, she has been eating more dry food (from the bowl) and there is A TON of kibble all over my apt. Now it's just a game....that does not involve any sort of food consumption. ANyone else have kitty with bad manners?
Any suggestions? Constantly picking up dry food from the floor is not an option for me anymore!!
Looking forward to some awesome TCS advice!!
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Maybe she is bored with her food? Do you feed wet food? I feed my two cats wet and dry and I still find little peices of food leftover for the kitten. It's like she's a messy eater and some falls out while she is crunching it. Do you have a mat under the food bowl? That really helps.
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don't know if this'll work for you, as none of mine play w/their food... but all of the dishes are on trays. similar to something like this: tray. i actually have this one, plus some different ones i got at dollar general. the lip helps keep any spilled food confined.
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thanks for the feedback. I do feed her wet food, which is placed on a mat, along with her dry food. This is not a matter of a messy eater, but simply a game that she prefers to play above all the rest. Oh well!
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